Big sound, big discounts – ELAC Adante

So, you want a big sound in a well-engineered speaker, with subtlety and bass?

Something that breaks through the boundaries, and pushes the limitations of traditional loudspeaker designs?

And something without a horn tweeter… because let’s not forget, it’s going in your living room, not an assembly hall!

If this sounds like something you’ve been chasing, ELAC has the solution with their Adante range of speakers – mainly in both the AF-61 Floorstanding speakers and the AS-61 Bookshelf speakers.

ELAC’s Adante speaker range has been designed and constructed to stand above the other speakers within its price-point. The Adante range, particularly the Floorstander, offers the listener a powerful, uncompromising audio experience that will satisfy every Hi-Fi enthusiast.

As well as delivering a big, powerful sound, both the Floorstander and the Bookshelf speakers feature ELAC’s Adante custom low-frequency drivers which allows the all-new concentric tweeter to highlight the midrange in your audio and really bring it to life!

In order to match any home décor, each Adante cabinet offers the listener a choice of glossy white, glossy black or a satin walnut veneer finish. On the face of each cabinet, the Adante speakers also feature a stylish aluminium front baffle, that has been specifically contoured to ensure the optimum level of sound dispersion from each driver – making them look just as good as they sound!

Right now, at HeyNow Hi-Fi I’m offering huge discounts on both the ELAC Adante AF-61 Floorstanding speakers and the AS-61 Bookshelf speakers.

Floorstanders originally $8,999 are now down to $4,999.

The Bookshelf speakers, originally $4,499 are now down to $2,499.

If you're looking to add a big sound to your living room, consider purchasing either the AF-61 Floorstanding speakers, or the AS-61 Bookshelf speakers online at HeyNow Hi-Fi.

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