Keep it personal with the Meze Audio 99 Classics.

Keep it personal with the Meze Audio 99 Classics.

If your love for Hi-Fi, or even your music taste isn’t shared by the others in your home, there’s no doubt you’ve looked into headphones at one point or another. But if you’re like me, you’d rather find something a little more unique, that’ll set you apart from that old pair of plastic headphones that loses the clarity and definition in your music.

The Meze Audio 99 Classics deliver a flawless, natural sound making it a perfect pair of headphones for the pickiest of listeners. The stylish walnut wooden earcups, along with the soft earpads and the steel headband brings these headphones to a new level of style.

The process of shaping the wood for the earcups is a 45-day process of sanding, lacquering and finishing to make sure every tiny detail of the earcups is perfect. Just like fingerprints, the wood grain is unique, and at the end of the process you’re left with a superbly finished, yet entirely unique pair of headphones.

To top it off, the materials in these headphones are also ethically harvested from trees reaching the end of their lifecycle, making them better for the environment.

Ideally, we want to be blasting our music through our systems as loud as we want, but sometimes that just isn’t practical. Investing in a pair of headphones that not only produce a great sound, but also make you feel great is an area of Hi-Fi that is often overlooked – but really shouldn’t be.

These headphones are down from $580 to $499 at HeyNow Hi-Fi, and as a newsletter subscriber use your discount code online for a further 10% off the reduced price.

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