PS Audio Stellar Strata Integrated Streaming Amplifier review - by Mark Gusew

“Just add speakers” pretty much sums up this incredibly versatile amplifier.

With an inbuilt streamer accessed via either a wired Ethernet cable or wireless internet connection I was able to access my favourite Spotify and Tidal music tracks in glorious CD resolution or better. I used my tablet and mobile to select the tracks. It sounded wonderful, with a dynamic and lively sound, never boring.

The amplifier is rated at 150W/Ch and really has some serious bass extension and kick. PS Audio has made a powerful dynamic and expressive amplifier that has more than enough punch to satisfy most music lovers. During use, the amplifier never got hot, was very stable, and proved itself to be far more capable than its supermodel profile suggests. It’s also a lot heavier than it appears, suggesting good build quality.

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