HeyNow Hi-Fi offers a trade-in service for customers who wish to upgrade to a new product. Trading in your existing equipment is a smart way to upgrade quickly, as you don't have to wait to sell your old product before purchasing the new one. HeyNow Hi-Fi understands the time and effort it takes to find a buyer for your equipment and offers a hassle-free solution that saves you time and effort. It's worth considering whether you want to wait for a buyer or take less money to upgrade quickly. It's essential to note that all trade-ins must be in working order for HeyNow Hi-Fi to accept them. The trade-in offer will be nullified if the equipment is not in working order. Additionally, customers will receive more trade-in value when they trade in products that are complete with original packaging, manuals, and remotes. However, all trade-in transactions are accepted at HeyNow Hi-Fi's discretion.

Traded-in products can be a great way to save money on near-new working equipment that has already been run in. Running in is a process where the product is plugged in and working for a few hundred continuous hours, allowing the electricity and movement to smooth out the stiffness of the components within the equipment. This process is particularly noticeable with speakers, DACs, and amplifiers, which can benefit significantly from a run-in period. HeyNow Hi-Fi offers a range of traded-in products for customers looking to save money on high-quality equipment. Please get in touch with the HeyNow Hi-Fi team to inquire about our current range of traded-in products.


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