Ascendo: Elevate Your Home Cinema Experience

HeyNow Hi-Fi proudly presents Ascendo, the epitome of German precision and innovation in home cinema audio. Experience cinema at its finest with Ascendo's high-performance cinema speakers, designed to deliver immersive sound with high SPL ratings. Explore the art of cinema audio, including unique subwoofer options and multiple subwoofer cinema design, all available for demonstration at HeyNow Hi-Fi.

German Cinema Speakers for Unmatched Precision:

Ascendo's cinema speakers are crafted in Germany, marrying cutting-edge technology with meticulous engineering. Designed to deliver a cinematic experience in the comfort of your home, these speakers boast high SPL ratings, ensuring that every explosion, whisper, and musical note is reproduced with unparalleled precision.

Behind-the-Screen Placement: The Cinema Magic Unveiled:

Ascendo takes home cinema to the next level by offering speakers designed for placement behind the projector screen. This unique placement not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your cinema room but also ensures an unobstructed, cinematic sound experience. Immerse yourself in the dialogue, effects, and music as they unfold seamlessly from behind the screen.

A Symphony of Subwoofers: Dive into the Depths of Sound:

Ascendo's range of subwoofers is nothing short of extraordinary. From wall-mounted subs discreetly positioned behind the screen to the REW calibratable 32-80" subwoofers, each model is a powerhouse designed to deliver deep, impactful bass. These subwoofers provide the foundation for a cinematic experience that resonates through every corner of your home cinema room.

Multiple Subwoofer Cinema Design: Unleashing Unprecedented Bass:

Ascendo understands the importance of bass in home cinema. Delve into the world of multiple subwoofer cinema design, where strategically placing multiple subwoofers optimizes bass distribution, creating a more immersive and uniform low-frequency experience. Ascendo's subwoofers are not just speakers; they are the architects of cinematic soundscapes.

Ascendo Demonstrations: Feel the Power:

Curious about the power and precision of Ascendo's cinema audio solutions? HeyNow Hi-Fi invites you to organize a demonstration. Immerse yourself in the world of German-engineered audio, experience the behind-the-screen placement, and feel the seismic impact of Ascendo's subwoofers. Let us bring the power of Ascendo to life in our demonstration room, where every seat is the best seat in the house.

Elevate Your Home Cinema with Ascendo at HeyNow Hi-Fi:

Ascendo at HeyNow Hi-Fi is your gateway to a home cinema experience like no other. Elevate your audio journey with German cinema speakers, subwoofers that redefine bass, and an immersive behind-the-screen placement. Join us for a demonstration and let Ascendo transform your home cinema into a realm of cinematic audio excellence.



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