EGM Audio Rhodium Plated XLR Noise Stopper – Female (1 pc)


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EGM Audio Rhodium Plated XLR Noise Stopper - Female


Needing extra protection for your delicate and expensive audio equipment? Our rhodium plated XLR noise stoppers have you covered. The perfect solution for keeping your equipment dust free and minimising harmful noise – promoting the longevity of your audio systems. These sleek XLR noise stoppers are crafted using high-quality materials and are finished with a sturdy rhodium plating. Making them highly resistant to corrosion and oxidation. Designed to create a barrier to block out high-frequency energy that could potentially affect circuit performance these noise stoppers are a great investment for those wanting to save money and keep their equipment safe at all times.

  • Rhodium Plated with EGM Audio Logo

  • Blocks a significant part for incoming high-frequency energy to interfere with circuit performance.

  • Also helps prevent dirt/ dust build up and corrosion.

  • (To be connect to the male connector.)

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