EGM Audio Spade Plug – Gold Plated (1 pc)


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EGM Audio Spade Plug - Gold Plated


EGM Audio’s high quality gold plated spade plugs are the ideal audio connector! Offering a quick and easy connection, for on-and-off usage. Easy to identify, our spade plugs feature duel set screws for maximum cable retention – making sure the termination of the cable into the plug is secure at all times.
Suitable for wires up to 4mm²/ 12 AWG our spade plugs are a convenient option from standard audio jacks. The gold plating allows for a clear and crisp signal, giving clean high fidelity sounds. Available with a black or red ABS shell with EGM Audio logo. A great investment for your audio and speaker set ups.

  • Gold Plated Speaker Banana Plug,

  • Dual set screws for maximum cable retention

  • Wire size up to 4mm²/ 12 AWG

  • Each Banana Plug comes with EGM Audio Logo Duel Wall Heat Shrink (Black 60mm)

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