Cayin: Elevate Your Audio Experience with Timeless Elegance

Explore the world of high-end audio with Cayin, a brand that seamlessly blends sonic excellence with timeless elegance. At HeyNow Hi-Fi, we proudly showcase Cayin's exceptional audio products, ranging from tube amplifiers to their renowned phono pre-amp. Discover why Cayin has become synonymous with audiophile luxury and how these handcrafted gems can elevate your audio journey.

Cayin's Tube Amplifiers: Where Tradition Meets Innovation

Cayin's tube amplifiers are a symphony of tradition and innovation, capturing the warmth and authenticity of tube technology while embracing modern design and engineering. Handcrafted with precision, these amplifiers deliver a rich, immersive sound that transcends the ordinary. From audiophile enthusiasts to casual listeners, Cayin's tube amplifiers offer an unparalleled listening experience.

Phono Pre-Amp: Rediscover the Warmth of Vinyl

Immerse yourself in the world of analog bliss with Cayin's phono pre-amp. Crafted with a deep appreciation for vinyl's warm tones, Cayin ensures that every note played on your turntable is a sonic masterpiece. Rediscover the richness of your vinyl collection with Cayin's phono pre-amp, where the essence of analog music is preserved in its purest form.

Cayin's Commitment to Quality Craftsmanship: An Audiophile's Delight

Cayin's commitment to quality craftsmanship is evident in every product. Each piece is a testament to the brand's dedication to precision and sonic purity. From the choice of materials to the meticulous assembly, Cayin products exude a level of craftsmanship that transforms listening into an art form.

Why Choose Cayin at HeyNow Hi-Fi: A Local Haven for Audiophiles

As your local destination for high-end audio, HeyNow Hi-Fi is proud to feature Cayin's exceptional products. Whether you're a seasoned audiophile or just beginning your journey, Cayin's offerings cater to various preferences. Discover the perfect synergy of style and substance, and explore the world of Cayin at HeyNow Hi-Fi.

Experience Cayin's Audiophile Elegance Today: Your Journey Starts Here

Elevate your audio experience with Cayin at HeyNow Hi-Fi. Uncover the timeless elegance and sonic brilliance that Cayin brings to high-fidelity audio. From tube amplifiers to their renowned phono pre-amp, Cayin products await your exploration. Begin your audiophile journey with Cayin at HeyNow Hi-Fi, where luxury meets sound.



"The HA-3A is a little amplifier in size but it puts out such a great, big and impressive sound. I also love the HA-3A’s design: the tube lay-out, the case work, the glossy finish, the tube cage, etc it’s all very impressive."


"I think the Cayin A 88T's greatest charm is its big, lively and spacious personality. Not only does the amp play music but it infuses the music with a delightfully addictive air of frivolity and merriment that makes it great fun to listen to."


"..the Cayin A-50T is competitive with many higher-powered, more expensive integrateds, both tube and solid-state, and its strengths rival those of many far more expensive tube separates I've heard."


"The Cayin N8ii offers a multitude of different sound combinations, making a DAP that basically works with everything you hook up to it."


"This is one hard-to-beat modern version of a classic amplifier! Without any unusual demands, any tweaking audiophile would be proud to own, listen and enjoy this amplifier for a very long time."


"The HA-3A provided tons of enjoyment regardless of headphone choice or music genre..."

-Headphone Guru

"The Cayin HA-300MK2 is a fabulous sounding 300B SET flagship headphone amplifier. It has that classic slightly sweet or euphonic coloration combined with a seriously impressive holographic staging quality."


"The Cayin A-300B is a lovely product: intelligently designed, reassuringly well made, and achingly musical."


"The midrange is really something special, thanks to the 6V6 tubes. It's clean, rich, and definitely euphonic. Bass is both weighty and punchy, and the high end is sweet and smooth."

-Moon Audio

"...the Cayin HA-1A MK2 is very compelling indeed. It’s a well-done, aesthetically pleasing, beautiful-sounding amp which can be tweaked via tube rolling to sound sweet or warm or spacious or whatever the user wants, within reason."

-Part time audiophile

"The Cayin E01 tuned in duality—Class A, tubed beauty and Class AB, Solid State Steel/with a dollop of beauty—is exceptionally well engineered and offers sublime, tube-like musicality as well as solid state drive and transparency in one add-on DAC module. Brilliant"

-Audiokey Reviews

"The Cayin C9 is the company's most refined version yet of their DOA and timbre technology inside their portable audio gear. Not only that, but it also revitalizes tubes on the go, a traditional niche in our hobby that seems to be forgotten in the head-long rush to find that one DAP on steroids."



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CayinCayin MT-35MK2 BT Integrated Amplifier
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Cayin MT-50 PLUS BT Integrated Amplifier
CayinCayin MT-50 PLUS BT Integrated Amplifier
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CayinCayin CS-6PH Phono Preamplifier
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