Copland: A Sonic Odyssey Rooted in Danish Excellence

Embark on a sonic odyssey with Copland, the Danish amplifier brand that marries tradition with innovation, crafting tube hybrid and full tube amplifiers that stand as beacons of audio excellence. At HeyNow Hi-Fi, we proudly showcase Copland's CSA70, CSA100, CSA150, and CTA407 models, each delivering an engaging sound quality that captivates audiophiles. Join us in rediscovering this 40-year-old amplifier brand that continues to craft its products in Denmark.

Tube Hybrid Technology: A Harmonious Fusion

Copland's amplifiers are a testament to the harmonious fusion of tube hybrid technology. From the CSA series to the CTA407, these amplifiers combine the warmth and richness of tubes with the precision of modern technology. Immerse yourself in a sonic experience that transcends the ordinary, where each note is brought to life with engaging clarity and musicality.

CSA Series: CSA70, CSA100, CSA150

CSA70: Experience the perfect balance between power and finesse with the CSA70, where tube hybrid technology brings a captivating warmth to your audio journey.

CSA100: Elevate your sonic exploration with the CSA100, a powerful amplifier that effortlessly captures the nuances of your favourite music, revealing layers of detail.

CSA150: Immerse yourself in the pinnacle of Copland's craftsmanship with the CSA150, a flagship amplifier that delivers a symphony of sonic refinement and power.

CTA407: Pure Tube Elegance

The CTA407 exemplifies Copland's dedication to pure tube elegance. Revel in the timeless beauty of full tube amplification, where every note resonates with the characteristic warmth and authenticity that only tubes can provide. The CTA407 invites you to rediscover your music collection with an intimacy that goes beyond conventional amplification.

Engaging Sound Quality: An Audiophile's Delight

Copland amplifiers are celebrated for their engaging sound quality, characterized by a captivating presence, wide soundstage, and an immersive musical experience. Whether you're enjoying the subtle nuances of acoustic instruments or the dynamic energy of orchestral compositions, Copland amplifiers deliver an audio journey that engages the senses and stirs the soul.

Convenient Features: Phono Input and DAC

Copland understands the importance of convenience without compromise. The CSA series and CTA407 have a basic Phono input for MM cartridges and a useful DAC. These thoughtful additions ensure that you have essential functionalities at your fingertips, allowing you to enjoy vinyl playback and digital sources easily. The amplifiers offer many inputs, inviting you to explore further by connecting dedicated external DACs or Phono pre-amplifiers.

HeyNow Hi-Fi Recommends Copland: Rediscover Sonic Elegance

HeyNow Hi-Fi personally recommends Copland for audiophiles seeking a timeless blend of Danish craftsmanship and engaging sound quality. Before delving into an extensive list of features, we invite you to experience Copland's amplifiers firsthand. Be drawn in by the engaging sound quality, immerse yourself in the sonic elegance, and rediscover the allure of this 40-year-old amplifier brand that proudly manufactures all its products in Denmark.



"We like the Copland DAC 215. It’s smart, nice to use and well built. It sounds lovely too, particularly as a headphone amp."

-What Hi-fi?

"..the Copland DAC215 is an ideal travelling companion in your trek through your musical canon. Recommended."


"Much detail and unfettered control, and a musicality, especially through the preamp stage, that made listening to all types of music fun. Works well will all PCM/DSD sources. Excellent headphone amplifier."

-Hifi Pig

"The CSA70 is a fine amplifier. It looks classy and is a pleasure to use. While we wish it delivered sound with a bit more verve and drive, there’s still enough ability for it to earn a recommendation."

-What Hi-fi?

"Copland’s new CSA70 came as something of a nice surprise to me. It’s an ‘entry level high end’ product from a highly regarded company but not well known for affordable audiophile designs at this price."


"the CSA70 if I required a compact, comprehensive, affordable integrated amp that sacrifices very little. It's a joy to use, styled as gorgeously as everything Copland makes, and it delivers the sound of a thoroughbred. With LS3/5As? It's a wee miracle."

-Hifi News

"The CSA 100 is a rare beast in hi-fi terms in that it manages to be almost absurdly competent, but never feels dull or soulless in doing so."

-Hifi Choice

"Overall, the CSA 100 offers an excellent alternative to the established class leaders and has an equally convincing, but different, blend of attributes. It’s the kind of amplifier that puts the attention on the music rather than on itself, and that’s something we can certainly get behind."

-What Hi-fi?

"I would choose the Copland CSA 100. It has a sweetness of tone coupled with the of power to drive most loudspeakers very comfortably which makes it a most compelling package. If your friendly dealer carries the Copland range you really should try to hear it."

"I was deeply impressed with the CSA150. I loved its smaller sibling but this extra headroom takes it to another level."

"In this respect Copland sets the standard with the CSA150, thanks to its exemplary build, timeless styling and natural sounding sonics that make for effortless longterm enjoyment."



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