Powerfull audio components elegantly designed for simple plug & play use. 
EarMen products are designed and engineered by Miki Trosic, renowned thoughout the audio industry as the founder of Auris Audio.
Manufactured in Europe to ensure the highest standards in production quality.



"The CH-Amp is a great little amplifier that, paired with the Tradutto, really fits my taste and gives me anything I could need for my desk set up."


"The EarMen ST-Amp DAC/AMP is a nice little combo which according to me was probably set in the market as a beginner do-it-all unit. It has a DAC, AMP and pre-amp function with a fully balanced design and great build quality."


"The Angel model is not only well-made, but also functional and has a delightful sound. Its sound is truly angelic and, like an angel’s whisper, it takes away the ability to think logically, making us slaves of music."


"EarMen ST-Amp provides a lot of emotions and joy during the listening sessions.


"The Angel has a great clean, clear, and crisp type of sound signature, with decent power levels to work with IEMs and most headphones."


"Rock solid reliability during the testing period and an expansive presentation of sound with a neutral and detailed yet extremely beautiful mid-range makes the Earmen CH-Amp ($1480) and Tradutto DAC ($799) System an easy recommendation."

-Headphone Guru

"The CH-Amp and Tradutto DAC makes for a great sounding and highly versatile stack that integrates well into a modern, multimedia desk space."


"Overall, the EarMen ST-Amp is a device with a distinctive personality that is sure to impress any audiophile. With its unique design, exceptional sound, and versatile functionality, the ST-Amp is a device that you’ll be proud to own I am giving it the PAR recommended award."



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EarMen Colibri Battery powered Premium Balanced DAC + Headphone amp + Preamp
Save $220.00
EarMen ST-Amp Desktop Fully Balanced DAC / Headphone Amp / Preamp
Save $1,550.00
EarMen Staccato Network Music Streamer
EarMenEarMen Staccato Network Music Streamer
Sale price$900.00 Regular price$2,450.00
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EarMen Tradutto Ultra Hi-Res Fully Balanced DAC
EarMenEarMen Tradutto Ultra Hi-Res Fully Balanced DAC
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Save $350.00
EarMen Angel Reference Portable DAC/Headphone Amplifier
Save $650.00
EarMen CH-Amp Fully Balance Desktop Headphone Amplifier/Preamplifier