Ferrum: Forged in Precision, Defined by Innovation

Embark on a journey with Ferrum, a brand where precision meets innovation, and every product is a testament to the pursuit of sonic perfection. Rooted in a legacy of craftsmanship and driven by a passion for audio excellence, Ferrum is not just a brand; it's an exploration of cutting-edge technology and timeless design.

Origins: Crafting Excellence from the Beginning

Ferrum's origins trace back to a commitment to craftsmanship and a dedication to redefining audio standards. Born from a vision to blend artistry with technology, Ferrum's journey began with a simple yet profound goal: to create audio products that transcend expectations. This vision laid the foundation for a brand that values the intricate balance between form and function.

Hypsos: Precision Power for Your Audio Ecosystem

In the world of Ferrum, Hypsos stands as a beacon of precision power. Designed to elevate your audio ecosystem, Hypsos power supply units deliver a clean, stable power source to your devices, unlocking their full potential. With Ferrum's meticulous engineering, Hypsos ensures that every note is delivered with clarity and every beat resonates with precision.

OOR: Unveiling Sonic Realism

OOR, Ferrum's flagship headphone amplifier, is a masterpiece of sonic engineering. Immerse yourself in the depth and richness of your favorite music with OOR's unrivaled sound reproduction. Crafted with a focus on delivering sonic realism, OOR invites you to experience your music in its purest form, revealing nuances and details you've never heard before.

Erco: Where Digital Meets Analog

In the realm of digital-to-analog conversion, Erco stands tall as a symbol of Ferrum's expertise. Meticulously engineered, Erco DACs seamlessly bridge the gap between digital and analog, delivering a listening experience that transcends boundaries. Explore a world where every digital signal is transformed into an analog masterpiece, offering a true connection to the heart of your music.

Engineering Marvel: The Heart of WANDLA

At the core of WANDLA lies a proprietary optimized ARM chip, meticulously designed to offer the shortest signal path possible. This ingenious engineering choice renders five chips redundant, streamlining the signal flow for unparalleled purity. With the inclusion of an EES Sabre ES9038PRO chip boasting three filter settings, WANDLA ensures that every note is delivered with utmost fidelity.

MQA® Decoder and Beyond: Elevating Your Listening Experience

WANDLA goes beyond the conventional, featuring an integrated MQA® decoder/renderer and digital filter selection. Proprietary Signalyst filters, two included at launch, allow you to tailor your audio experience to perfection. The result is a DAC that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of both current and future music enthusiasts.

Versatility and Connectivity: Tailoring to Your Preferences

WANDLA offers a proprietary 4-pin Ferrum connector for HYPSOS, Balanced XLR, and unbalanced RCA line outputs. The digital and analogue volume control, along with a remote control, adds versatility to your setup, ensuring seamless integration with your audio system.

A Statement of Innovation: Tomorrow's Standard Today

With WANDLA, Ferrum makes a bold statement to the current and next generation of music lovers. Think of WANDLA as the Formula 1 racing car of high-end digital-to-analog conversion. Like an F1 constructor's team building the best racing car, Ferrum has created the best engine for The Converter, setting a new standard for audio perfection.

Why choose Ferrum at HeyNow Hi-Fi?

Crafted Excellence: Ferrum's origins in craftsmanship and innovation shape every product.

Hypsos: Precision power to enhance your entire audio setup.

OOR: Flagship headphone amplifier for unrivaled sonic realism.

Erco: Digital-to-analog conversion at its finest.

Wandla: Unleash the potential of your digital music with Ferrum's precision.

Elevate your audio journey with Ferrum. Explore Hypsos, OOR, Erco, Wandla, and more at HeyNow Hi-Fi, where passion for audio excellence meets cutting-edge technology.



"A jewel box of sound that condenses high quality without compromise!"

-Stereo Sound Online

"This allowed us to discover its research and development offices as well as its assembly and quality control workshop."


"Ferrum's ERCO sits at the top of the hill. Its sound as finely detailed as it's weighty and dynamic.."

-Hi-fi News

"High recommend and I doubt anyone who tries Hypsos will let it out of the house.."

-Audio & CInema Portugal

"The Ferrum Hypsos power supply has certainly convinced us in terms of sound and user-friendliness."


"The Wandla-HYPSOS combo is a thoroughly, wisely engineered converter that made me look forward to using it and made me smile every time I did. At its best with the HYPSOS, the Wandla danced in the same ballroom as DACs costing over $10,000. Sincerely recommended."


"The ERCO is a complete DAC/AMP unit. It isn’t the cheapest, but it will get you to the higher end range right away."


"Ferrum fully preserved the soul of the music, the warmth it’s definitely there, an open and wide soundstage didn’t run away, its frequency response felt complete and perfectly balanced and the only thing that was missing the fun was listening fatigue."


"The ERCO DAC is neutral to natural, accurate, and articulate. Its amplifier has bags of power to drive just about any headphone you want to throw at it. It is also incredibly simple to operate right out of the box."


"All-in-all a very good amplifier and I look forward to seeing what Ferrum Audio comes up with next. A matching DAC maybe? To the Recommended Buy List it goes! The OOR also wins our 2021 Amplifier of the year award!"


"WANDLA is about the music…and the emotions attached to it. It’s here for the fun times, and if you’re already thinking of getting one, then prepare to be converted by the real thing."




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