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About the brand

Since 1992, German Physiks has been widely regarded as the manufacturer of the world’s most advanced audiophile omnidirectional loudspeakers.


Mueller agreed to license the design, and thus German Physiks was born

The first task was to turn Dicks’ prototype driver into a commercial product

For the next two years they worked to extract every improvement in performance that the new driver, now called the DDD driver, was capable of.

Not satisfied with superb laboratory measurements and the unbridled enthusiasm of his listening panels, Mueller initiated an exhaustive life-testing program to ensure the absolute reliability of the driver under the most severe conditions of use. In parallel Dicks worked on fine-tuning the computer model and the physical realisation, while Mueller worked on the aesthetics and industrial design, because he believed that the design of the driver must strongly express the company’s commitment to innovation through engineering and overall elegance of visual form.

Finally in 1992, Mueller was satisfied and the first loudspeaker to use the DDD driver came off the production line. This was the Borderland MK I and it was marketed under a new brand name: German Physiks.

The Borderland MK I met with immediate approval, quickly gaining sales in the Far East, a region that had historically been an excellent but demanding market for high-end audiophile products. The rest is, as they say, history.


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