Solidsteel WS-5 Turntable Wall Shelf


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Isolate your turntable from external vibrations with this wall-mount shelf.



Turntable Wall Shelf


Raise your turntable to new heights.

The WS-5 is a rock-solid platform that delivers the reference-level isolation expected from Solidsteel's range. Best suited for high-performance turntables that require complete isolation, the WS-5 supports even the heaviest equipment. 

Key Features:
- Modest form
- Sturdy, resonance-free construction
- Protects equipment from external vibration
- Reference-level isolation
- Made with high-quality Italian materials
- Supports equipment up to 60kg
- Shelf measures 550 x 470 mm

Medium-density fibreboard (MDF)
Aluminium w/ damping material
Body: Stainless Steel

Why wall mount?

High-performance turntables require high levels of acoustic isolation to operate as intended. This shelf is a heavy-duty system that is designed for the sole purpose of supporting your equipment and acoustically isolating it from external disturbances.

Reference-level isolation

Hi-fi manufacturers attempt to minimize internal vibration in their appliances. However, this effort cannot completely protect against disturbances introduced by speakers, subwoofers, and other external factors. This is where a trustworthy isolation system becomes essential to playing your media free from disruptions to performance or damage to the equipment.

This shelf has been carefully designed and made with specific materials to combat both resonance and vibration from disturbing your equipment, and in turn, your listening experience.

This wall shelf is made of heavy-duty components and materials, resulting in a unit that is as sturdy and reliable as it is. To what otherwise might have been a monolithic design, graceful touches add air and life to the bracket, complimenting the heavy gauge steel perimeter and wall plate.

Able to support appliances weighing up to 60kg in weight, this shelf is suitable for even the heaviest, high-end turntables.

About the S Series

The S Series is Solidsteel's traditional range of products that draws inspiration from decades of production experiences. Officially launched in 2013, this series is soon to be the benchmark in Solidsteel's range thanks to its excellent build quality, functionality, and modest appearance.

Made of clean lines and a high level of polish, the result is an aesthetically pleasing piece of furniture that enhances your home hi-fi experience. In addition to looking sleek and professional, these products are made of carefully selected materials that result in rock-solid units that enable your equipment to perform at its best.

About Solidsteel

Solidsteel is an Italian company that has been creating high-quality hi-fi furniture since 1990. They specialise in high-end racks, cabinets, audio stands, speaker stands and wall-shelves for home, commercial and pro use.

Originally constructed using primarily heavy steel, the Italian company now uses a variety of materials in their production, resulting in the solid, but not immovable products we know and love today.

Technical Specifications

Frame: stainless steel only; laser cut on three different metal parts and hand-welded process for the assembly; black powder coating.

Contents: One set of n. 4 aluminium cones; Allen Key (3 mm); One set of n. 3 Concrete Anchor Bolts (45 x 50 mm | 1/8″ x 2″); Drilling Jig/Template.

Shelf: (500 x 410 x 19 mm | 19.5″ x 16.25″ x 0.74”) MDF wood, polymer laminate.

Sustainability: 60 Kg | 130 lbs tested.

Weight: 13 Kg | 28.66 lbs

Outer Dimensions mm | inch:

W 550 (21,7)  H 160/50 (6,3/2)  D 470 (18,5)

Inner Shelves Dimensions mm | inch:

W 550 (21,7) H 160/50 (6,3/2) D 470 (18,5)


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