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LINDEMANN is one of the leading brands in the field of audio and streaming technology. For many years we have given our customers a wonderful listening enjoyment by means of products which offer up-to-date technology and superb sound quality. Our latest top feature is online streaming of studio master grade. A long-cherished dream is coming true: music listening like the pros without the quality losses of MP3 and CD. A large number of awards worldwide confirms our philosophy. The driving force behind this work was and still is company founder and mastermind Norbert Lindemann. With him we see passion and creativity, experience and knowledge combined to form a unique entity.


Almost three decades of Lindemann. Looking back it’s been a crazy time, but also a good time from the early beginnings in the 1990s to the technology-oriented devices of the present. Our common thread, which we’ve never lost, has always been cutting-edge circuitry ideas, the latest production methods and an openness towards new trends and technologies. The first amplifier with ultra fast current feedback in 1993, the first CD player with re-sampling in 1999, the first German SACD player in 2001 … just to mention a few examples. Many of these products still perform nicely at the homes of enthusiastic customers.


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