Meridian 861V8 Reference Digital Surround Sound Controller


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861V8 Reference Digital Surround Sound Controller

Total Performance and Flexibility


The Meridian 861 sits at the heart of the theatre, linking all of your audio sources such as Blu-ray disc players, at the highest quality. Featuring our patented filter which makes standard resolution sources sound like high-resolution and Meridian Room Correction (MRC), the 861 also adds extensive connectivity including the award-winning Meridian Sooloos. Its modular approach delivers complete isolation between analogue and digital signals for world-leading performance.

Key Features

  • A reference Sooloos zone delivers pristine lossless audio quality for all your music.

  • Unique Meridian High Resolution up-sampling offers the best possible performance from all of your sources.

  • Re-clocking of the digital audio signal removes timing errors for superior clarity and resolution.

  • Multiple outputs which enable the creation of both passive and DSP based systems from the same Surround Controller.



The following cards are fitted as standard inside a Meridian 861 Version 8:

IA04: 6x Analogue Stereo Inputs, Phono. Can be configured as 2x six-channel analogue inputs

OE34: 8x Digital Output, SpeakerLink. L, R, C, SUB, Side L, Side R, Rear L, Rear R

IE44: 6x Digital Audio Inputs, Phono, D1 to D6 can be configured as 2x six-channel digital inputs with
Meridian SmartLink performance. 2x Optical Audio Inputs, Toslink. SpeakerLink Input, RJ45. Meridian
Multi-channel High Resolution (MMHR) Input, RJ45

CO00: Control computer card. Complete with Flash memory, RS232 port for control and status, 3x
configurable trigger outputs and 2x Meridian Comms

ID29: Digital Input card with 1x USB input, 3x Optical Audio Inputs, Toslink, 2x SpeakerLink inputs, RJ45

ID41: Audio endpoint card with 1x Ethernet network, RJ45, enabling highest possible playback
performance with Meridian Sooloos

OA18: Analogue output cards each with 4x analogue outputs, XLR, configurable, with 24-bit, 192kHz
DAC (2 cards)


IA04: 6x Analogue Stereo Inputs, Phono. Can be configured as 2x six-channel analogue inputs

OA08 Analogue Output card, with 4x Analogue Outputs, Phono, configurable, with 24-bit, 192kHz DAC


Front-panel facia controls for: Source, DSP, Mute, Volume, and Off

Hinged control panel provides additional swithes for: Display, Copy, Store, parameter menus, Assign,
Calibrate, and Configure



HEIGHT:175mm [6.9in]

WIDTH: 489mm [18.9in]

DEPTH:411mm [16.2in]


As standard – 14kg (31lbs)


20-character dot-matrix display: adjustable brightness and contrast

Lights for Dolby, Digital, THX, DTS, and MPEG



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