Quadraspire Q4L EVO Complete 4-Shelf Hi-Fi Rack with 19mm Columns

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Shelf Colour: Black
Leg Colour: Black
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The modular design Q4L EVO is a major upgrade to the original Q4 rack that was originally launched in 1995. The Q4L EVO is a practical modular solution combining shelves with aluminium columns and feet to enhance your sound system both sonically and visually. Its flexibility allows you to build the rack to your own specification to fit any number of components. The Q4L EVO is the same as the original Q4 rack except for some intricate machining on the underside of the shelf which will give improved performance.

To gain maximum performance from your hifi or av system, the furniture you place it on is as equally important as all the other components. Each component & cable is susceptible to electrical & mechanical noise, degrading overall system performance. In theory total isolation is desirable, but in reality impossible.

Quadraspire designs achieve optimum isolation through a combination of distinctive curves and chamfered edges minimising resonance and standing sound waves. Aluminium columns eliminate residual magnetism and the adjustable spiked feet allow efficient floor de-coupling. Real wood-veneered shelves ensure good self-damping properties. Where space is a premium and isolation is a must, use the unique Q4 wall bracket with Q4 shelf

In the same way as every musical performance needs a stage so a HiFi needs a stage to bring the music to life in your home. In 1995 we set out to develop a modular rack – the Q4 – that could support a variety of Hi Fi systems and deliver acoustic performance with style. This was achieved by combining solid aluminium columns with specially engineered shelves to create a light and rigid construction to deliver a clearer, cleaner musical performance.


All our Q4 EVO shelves are specially engineered to reduce mass and resonance to deliver a clearer, cleaner musical performance.


If the standard dimensions of the Q4EVO do not fit your components then ask us to make a custom version to your specification or use one of our existing custom designs shown below Q4L.





  • Wooden shelves with real wood veneers
  • Intricate machining on underside to reduce resonances
  • Shelf finishes: Black, Cherry, Bamboo
  • Special order finish: Maple, Oak, Dark Oak & Rosenut
  • Shelf Dimensions: 590mm (w) x 470mm (D)


  • Aluminium columns
  • Column diameter : 19mm
  • Column heights : 100mm, 140mm, 180mm, 216mm, 256mm, 300mm & 326mm
  • Columns finishes : Black & Silver
  • Weight Capacity: 80kg per shelf

Special Order Shelf Finishes


Please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Q4 EVO shelves are available in Solid Bamboo or Natural wood finish.
The natural wood veneered shelves are are available in the following finishes:- Cherry, Oak, Wenger and Black as shown. The Solid Bamboo shelves as shown. For more information about sustainability of our bamboo, please click here. Clear and sand blasted glass are available as a special finish. Real wood veneers and bamboo are beautiful natural products and therefore subject to varying grain and colour.

Q4L EVO Bamboo

The new modular design Q4 Evo Bamboo HiFi rack out performs the Q4 EVO wood veneer due to the solid bamboo’s inherent superior dampening properties:

  • Intricate machining on the underside of shelf to further reduce mass and resonance without losing any of its strength
  • Flexible modular solution to fit most systems
  • Solid non magnetic aluminium columns

Sound Performance

Lauded by many in the Manufacturing Industry as the “Material of the Future”, Bamboo, with its high tensile strength and vibration suppressing qualities, is the ideal material to use in Quadraspire hifi rack to further improve sound performance.

Natural Beauty

The natural beauty of solid Bamboo lies in its awesome strength and intricate growth patterns and micro pore structure that can be seen in the shelf edge detail.

Sustainable Design

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the planet and regular harvests where each year about 30% of the forest is harvested without reducing the size of the forest.

Carbon Neutral

Bamboo is carbon neutral where its C02 Fixation (absorption) prior to harvesting is greater than the C02 emissions during the manufacturing and transportation.

Panda Friendly

Quadraspire uses high Moso bamboo, supplied by Bamboo Surfaces, that has no leaf growth on the first 5 metres of the stem and is therefore not a source of food for the panda.

“With the introduction of Bamboo, we have now struck a perfect balance between performance, nature and design, truly a Hi-Fi rack for our times” Eduard Spruit established Quadraspire in 1995 with the aim of designing and making quality Hi-Fi furniture that combines style and function with acoustic performance. Hifi and AV components are susceptible to electrical and mechanical resonance that will degrade overall system performance. Quadraspire’s racks reduce this resonance through a combination of non magnetic aluminium columns and specially engineered wooden and now BAMBOO shelves made at our factory in Bath, England.


The Q4 EVO Columns come in Black and Silver finish and are available in two diameters, 19mm or SV32mm, and in 6 different heights to accommodate different sized components and can easily be interchanged if your system changes. Spike feet and flat feet are included as standard with your rack, castors are available as an optional extra.


If you cannot find the answer to your question please contact us and we will be happy to help.

What weight will a shelf hold?

All of the racks will support a minimum of 80kg per shelf, nearly all large power amplifiers or heavy turntables can be supported.

How high can I build my rack?

Theoretically there is no limit, we have found that not exceeding 8 tiers is the maximum recommended for the whole frame in terms of performance and aesthetics.

My rack is very old and I'm upgrading, can I still add extra shelves?

None of the current range has changed so any of it can be added to. The original Q4 from 1995 is the same today, shelf size and thread size. As systems expand the rack is modular so there should be no problems to add extra equipment like a power supply or DAC.

Will an older shelf colour match a new one?

As the veneers on the shelves are natural there will be differences over time, some woods change more than others so matching them can sometimes be rather difficult. In extreme cases we can try and match to a sample picture of the original.


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