Dan Clark Audio ETHER Flow 1.1 Headphone


Cable: With 6’ (1.8m) VIVO Cable and 1/4” plug
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Designed, built and tested in San Diego, CA, ETHER Flow offers a 2 year warranty for parts and labor.


ETHER Flow 1.1


The Ether Flow 1.1 Open is the entry level offering of the Ether line. Rivaling Headphones costing twice the price, the Ether Flow 1.1 Open is a shining example of our company’s mission to provide unparalleled value to the headphone community. The Ether Flow 1.1 Open leverages Trueflow technology to cultivate a warm, authentic musicality that delights the listener by revealing details in the music that are typically unheard using conventional drivers. The open and generous soundstage is both hypnotic and effortless, creating a listening experience that is sure to give you respite from life’s daily stresses and distractions. The lightweight, hinge-free nitinol headband incorporates smart industrial design making it as comfortable and reliable as it is indestructible. All Ether Flow 1.1 comes with our newly designed Vivo cable along with a beautiful case for travel and storage. All Dan Clark Audio headphones are designed and built in San Diego, California

Our classic ETHER Flow 1.1 headphones deliver a sumptuous blend of high-performance audio, comfort, and classic full-size headphone design. Our ETHER Flow 1.1 delivers an outstanding open-backed headphone experience, while ETHER C Flow continues to set the standard for high-end closed headphone soundstage, delivered with a fun voicing that makes it a great all-around headphone for those seeking isolation, or wishting to not disturb others with their headphone music.

On a personal level, Dan's passion for the headphone community manifests itself in striving to “trickle down” as many of his new innovations to upgrade Dan Clark Audio owners existing legacy products when possible. This not a “happy accident” it is a core company commitment. So along with the unprecedented critical acclaim the Ether 2 has received we simultaneously released the 1.1 update to our existing Ether Flow open and Closed Headphones, revising the tuning system to improve detail retrieval and dynamics and offering this as a backward-compatible user-installable upgrade to existing ETHER Flow 1.0 owners.


Model ETHER Flow 1.1
Driver Type Planar Magnetic
Driver Size 71x45mm
Impedance 23 ohms
Weight 385 gr
Ear Pad Material NAPA Lamb Leather
Shipping Dimensions 11x9x6 inches
Shipping Weight 3 lb
Frequency Response Yes*
*Too many vendors publish specifications that are wildly inconsistent with actual performance to win "numbers games." We don't play that game.

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