Nordost QRT Audio Enhancers - QBASE /QSOURCE Stand Mount (pair)

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  • Fully manufactured in the USA
  • Two anodized aluminum stand/mount pieces
  • Comes with screws to attach to your QBASE or QSOURCE unit.
  • Allows you to easily support your QBASE or QSOURCE unit with Nordost Sort Kones, mount it to the wall, or raiseit higher off of your floor or rack


QRT products are designed to improve the performance of your system, alleviating the impact of poor quality AC and DC power on your sensitive electronics, providing proper grounding, and synchronizing electromechanical resonances. The effects are cumulative and best heard when QRT products are used as a system. When arranged correctly, the effects include a lower noise floor, increased image depth with tighter focus, wider soundstage, as well as improved overtones, pacing, dynamic range and musical expression.

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