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Argon delivers audio the way it was intended, and the way you deserve to hear it. With nothing added and nothing taken away, the truthful sound reproduction takes you deeper inside your music. Whether you’re discovering new sounds or enjoying familiar favourites, the Argon series brings you closer to the original performance and opens up dimensions that you always knew were there, but couldn’t hear.

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User Experience and Reviews

Argon0 Reviews

“Experiencing near-field listening with Amphion.”

“In fact, my Dad has never wanted me to keep a product I have reviewed more than these. “

❯ Read the review (7/2015)

Argon0 User Experiences

“High-quality and well-appreciated loudspeakers.”

~ Veli-Matti Kulla, Finland

“Hard to find any better reference!”

~ Jussi Nyyssönen, Finland

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Argon1 Reviews

“The off-axis capability of these speakers is almost impossible to match..”

“Amphion, with its north star as ‘…an open window into the music’, has achieved its goal in spades. For the second time in my life, I am indebted to the Finnish people in all of their manifestation, one physical and one musical.”

❯ Read the review (06/2021)

“…elegant, classically Nordic appearance…”

“The Amphion Argon1s delivered impressive resolution, seamless blending of their drivers’ outputs, and alacrity in dynamics and limning soundstages. Another strong point was their tonal neutrality, especially in the midrange..”

❯ Read the review (11/2020)

“…the most focused soundstage I’ve heard…”

“If I’m being honest, its looks alone are enough to make me interested, but luckily the speakers sounded excellent to my ears too, with some of the best spatial presentation I’ve heard from a compact pair of passive speakers.”

❯ Read the review (8/2020)

“…incredible clarity, exceptional imaging, and deep bass extension.”

“I am firmly of the opinion that a subwoofer makes any stereo pair of speakers better for numerous reasons, but this is the first bookshelf speaker I’ve auditioned that honestly doesn’t need one.”

❯ Read the review (11/2020)

“The midrange in particular is exceptional.”

“…remarkably entertaining little speaker. Its ability to drop into even fairly confined spaces and show off its strengths of speed, clarity and musical joy in any environment is sure to win it many friends.”

❯ Read the review (4/2018)

“The seamless speaker.”

“It handles positioning, room conditions, genres, partnering equipment and source material better than most making it extra attractive for anyone who uses their speakers in a living area.”

❯ Read the review (6/2015)

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Shop Argon1 Bookshelf Loudspeakers

Argon3S Reviews

“An ability to get out of the way and let the music speak for itself, the easy, natural way…”

“Argon3S gives you tight, tuneful, convincing and, more importantly, properly focussed bass that securely underpins the music and propels it along, not woofly grumblings that rattle the rafters but don’t seem to belong to anybody in the band.”

❯ Read the review (05/2021)

“First impressions – expressive and colourful. It feels like you’re listening to a larger speaker!”

“표현력이 풍부하고 화려하다는 것이 첫 번째 시청 소감. 마치 적당한 크기의 중형 풀레인지 스피커를 듣고 있다는 느낌이 든다. 활기가 충만하며 당당하다. 현 독주의 경우에도 무대감 이 넓게 펼쳐진다. 속도감도 빠르고, 실내의 음향에 전혀 영향을 받지 않는 것은 아니지만, 특이할 정도로 적응력이 좋다. 글 | 김남”

❯ Read the review (09/2019)

“It’s as if they are living, breathing entities, leading me by the hand into a realm of sonic bliss.”

“Besides their involving sound and ease of placement, perhaps what I appreciate most about the Amphion Argon 3S speakers is their versatility.”

❯ Read the review (02/2019)

“Spaciousness one’s mind can walk into and about.”

“…what stood out about Argon3S were uncommon clarity, high linearity, very precise sorting/scaling of the virtual stage and an advanced degree in morphing from one album to the next.”

❯ Read the review (03/2019)

“…des enceintes de bibliothèque d’une superbe zenitude sonore.”

“…elles offrent une scène sonore très réaliste avec un rendu holographique remarquable.”

❯ Read the review (03/2017)



❯ Read the review (04/2018)

Argon3s User Experiences

“One of the best sounding bookshelf speakers I’ve ever heard.”

Frank – Adirondack Audio & Video, United States

“Without doubt the best speaker I’ve ever had the pleasure to listen to.”

Rich Carter, United Kingdom

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Shop Argon3S Bookshelf Loudspeakers

Argon3LS Reviews

Amphion Argon-3LS: Âm thanh tự nhiên ẩn trong cặp loa tầm trung

“Vì vậy, người dùng có thể kê loa sát tường hoặc gần cửa sổ mà không phải bận tâm quá nhiều tới khả năng ảnh hưởng chất lượng tái tạo âm bass của Argon-3LS.”

❯ Read the review (5/2018)


“Dieser Lautsprecher ist ein kompakter Schönling – man könnte ihn als Designwerk missverstehen. Doch bei aller Wohnraumtauglichkeit steht hier auch eine fantastisch klingende Box, die nicht seziert, sondern sich auf lustvolles Musizieren versteht. Die räumliche Analyse ist da, der Punch im Bass ebenfalls. Sehr dynamisch, sehr stimmig.”

❯ Read the review (3/2017)

Argon3LS User experiences

“Realistic soundstage and detailed reproduction.”

Jeff Berkin, United States

“The art of music gets beautifully justified.”

David Zells, Norway

“Perform well in our harsh-sounding living room.”

Anonymous user, The Netherlands

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Shop Argon3LS Floorstanding Loudspeakers

Argon7LS Reviews

“…the Amphions impressed me the most.”

“The Amphion Argon7LS speak clearly and emphatically, like a statesman, rather than bellowing in your face, like a drill sergeant.”

❯ Read the review (3/2020)

“I honestly, beautifully loved it!”

“.. Amphion’s Argon 7LS will really work under such close-boundary conditions. That’s another very practical point in its favour, confirming its status as a real-world speaker, not an exotically impractical contraption of dubious looks.”

❯ Read the review (6/2018)

“…pair of loudspeakers that work extremely well in almost all rooms.”

“The largest compliment I can give to a loudspeaker is that they simply disappear and let you enjoy the flow and rhythm of the music and this is exactly what the Argons do.”

❯ Read the review (04/2018)

“…great pieces of equipment.”

“Finnish minimalism plus musical momentum, combining almost studio-like neutrality and fidelity to the music, with authentic listening pleasure.”

❯ Read the review in Polish

❯ Read the review (7/2018)


高音漂亮、低音下潛量足, 因此從設計上屬於一種比較討巧的音箱。 從設計特點上看, 音樂和影院兩相宜。

❯ Read the review (11/2017)


Amphion Argon 7LS外觀漂亮,特別是崇尚簡約美學的朋友,看了一定會喜歡。在它漂亮的外觀下,蘊藏著許多原廠的know-how,讓這喇叭能夠重現一個既開闊深遠,又立體具像的畫面。

❯ Read the review (11/2017)

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Shop Argon7LS Floorstanding Loudspeakers

Krypton3 Reviews

“The Krypton3s really are spectacular…”

“…remarkable indeed in their spatial presentation, superb in perceived resolution, ultra-low in distortion even at enormous volumes (they will play loud!), and almost completely free of coloration arising from off-axis irregularities. It all adds up to remarkably realistic sound”

“I found the whole experience fascinating. I pulled out many of my old favorite recordings just to see how they would turn out when given this kind of convincing clarity of both the music itself and the space around, many more than were called for in preparation of the review as such”

Robert Greene, (TAS 223)

“Most surprising demo I heard at the show!”

“The system was astonishingly brilliant and transparent, yet smooth and effortless at the same time. I was able to achieve the organic emotionality that I listen for but never expected to hear at a trade show.”

Clement Perry, Carlos Sanchez


“它的低頻就好像吃了不會膩的東坡肉,又軟又Q,量感很夠,很有彈性, 又不會渾,可以聽出低頻的解析力。”

感謝劉總編對Krypton 3的精髓詳細介紹 音響論壇 362期 P166~P172

❯ Read the review (11/2018)

溫暖開闊又寬鬆的芬蘭之聲試聽Amphion Krypton 3旗艦喇叭

開闊又寬鬆,堪稱最具代表性的「芬蘭之聲」。假如您擁有夠大的聆聽空間,想找音樂能量充沛的大型喇叭,Krypton 3值得列入試聽考慮名單。

❯ Read the review (12/2018)

Krypton3 Awards

Krypton3 User Experiences

“This system does everything right to my ear.”

Mike Kirkham, Magenta Audio, Australia

“Wonderful sound from the Nordics.”

Anonymous customer, Hong Kong

“My oasis, a place of calm in an otherwise very hectic life.”

Phil, Australia

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