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Our Story

Cogworks has refined over 30 years of engineering expertise to try make the process of getting your perfect AV experience as simple as possible. Our team of engineers and designers work day and night to create pre-engineered solutions with the Worlds leading AV products. Once you have the perfect solution, we also ensure it gets installed correctly by handing it over to one of our expert dealers who have received the adequate teaching, training & support to make sure your investment stands the test of time.Β 

We believe in using high quality products to create incredibly immersive experiences and have dedicated our lives to making the process of achieving that as simple as possible for homeowners just like you. Start your journey to the perfect AV experience with a member of our team today.


Our engineered solutions streamline and simplify complex processes to deliver well executed outcomes. We take the guesswork out of engineering and designing the perfect AV experience. With Cogworks home theatre and living room solutions choosing the most immersive AV system is simple, just select your room size and personalize it to your needs, then its ready to be installed by one of our premier dealers from just a few clicks.

Home Theatre

Escape & retreat to your own immersive home theatre with our affordable luxury solutions that are engineered to industry standards and deliver maximum entertainment.

Living Room

Elevate your audio-visual experience with our affordable luxury solutions. Whether you choose designer speakers, in-wall or invisible speakers, we ensure your audio creates an immersive experience in any living room.

Stereo Systems

Cogworks use and recommend Meridian products to create the ultimate fusion between high resolution audio and state of the art design.

Multi Room Audio

Cogworks is your high resolution sound multi-room audio solution provider. Too often multi-room is an afterthought rather than being a well-designed outcome. If you’re looking for an emotional connection to your music, speak to one of our experts.

Video Projection

Cogworks offer unique video projection solutions including specialised screens and Lumagen video processors to deliver outstanding results from your favourite brands.

Home Theatre Packages

Cogworks tailor made packages deliver the maximum impact for the chosen budget and provide solutions which can exceed commercial cinemas, but in the comfort of your own home. Cogworks can assist in all aspects of the design including furnishings, acoustic treatment, air conditioning and lighting.

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