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“We design and build our headphones from the ground-up — with an intense focus on sound, quality, and comfort.”

The Problem

Closed-back headphones couldn’t compete with the sound of their open back counterparts

Open-back headphones allow sound to flow through the ear cups into the room and vice-versa, which generally allows for a more natural sound. There’s only one problem: everyone around you hears what you hear. When I was at home jamming out with my open-back headphones, my wife could hear everything. We don’t exactly share the same taste in music, like The Talking Heads, and as I wanted to stay married I had to find an alternative. I tried out a number of closed-back headphones, but the sound just wasn’t the same. Without the air flowing in it felt “cuppy” and claustrophobic.

I knew I had to figure out a solution, so I decided to apply my loudspeaker design skills for modifying headphones. I joined a community of enthusiasts who modify headphones where I both learned and shared a lot. In the process I noticed many people saying “sounds fun but I can’t modify it.” So I decided to start a business modifying headphones to fund the development of my own “ground up” designs.

After deciding to tackle the task of designing and building my ideal closed headphone I turned my sights to comfort — like eliminating those annoying “hot spots” on your ears or head that distracts from the music and limit listening time and on keeping the headphone set light. To me an uncomfortable and heavy headphone is like a terrible seat at a concert; it’s a barrier to enjoying the music. And of course, for people not requiring a closed headphone, we set out to set a new standard for open headphone performance, comfort and value.

On behalf of our team, I wanted to thank you for your attention and consideration.

Dan Clark, Founder, and CEO

The Solution

Dan Clark Audio creates high-quality headphones by honing in on every detail to deliver a moving experience

Listening to music, playing games or enjoying video is an experience; we believe a headphone should not remind a user it’s on, allowing for an immersive experience that can last for hours. Our strategy is to combine the best possible sound with the highest level of comfort so the headphone “disappears,” leaving only the content. Every part of the design works in tandem to create a uniquely compelling and fun user experience.

To maximize reliability and sound quality while reducing weight we use carbon fiber, titanium, and aluminum for maximum rigidity and outstanding acoustic performance. In fact, our headphones are among the lightest in their price and performance class, in some cases weighing 60% less than competing planar magnetic headphones yet without compromising durability or sound quality.

To maximize sound quality, we have patented our V-planar(™) driver processing and TrueFlow(™) airflow management within the motor, eliminating numerous sources of distortion to create detailed, vivid, and natural-sounding music.

Our patented hinge-free headband design takes much of the weight out of the headband while delivering an incredibly comfortable experience with minimal “clamp” on the head. By using a nickel-titanium alloy called Nitinol (or “Memory Metal”) we have created possibly the lightest headband in the high-end headphone industry, yet it’s incredibly rugged.

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