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Home theatre projectors vs. TVs in Australia: Pros and cons

So you're setting up a new home entertainment theatre - first off, congratulations! You're about to find out you have a lot more friends than you realised. Secondly, should you buy a wide-screen TV or a projector for the best cinematic experience? Most Aussies own a TV, but then, cinemas exclusively use projectors so there must be something to them...

Right! It's time to quickly explore the pros and cons of projectors.

Projectors: The pros and cons

You just can't beat a projector for size and sociability. A model like Epson’s TW9400 can expand up to 300 inches - you could turn your entire wall into a TV, if you really wanted. And if you host movie or sports nights with all your mates, nobody will be left unable to see the screen. Imagine cheering on your favourite team with good mates, good beer and 300 inches of UHD 4k vivid colour.

Additionally, projectors are widely considered better on viewers' eyes because they aren't back-lit like TVs are. This decreases your chance of getting eye strain on those weekend movie binges, because the light is projected towards the wall, not into your eyes.

However, ambient light can interfere with a projector's brightness. While today’s EPSON projectors are up to three times brighter than they used to be and the cost of lamps has come down considerably. For evening viewing projector makes watching TV, sport and movies an event.

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