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Involve award-winning surround sound technology and sweet spot elimination gives full and accurate stereo or surround sound to every listener in every position, for home, cinema, auditorium or large scale live performance.

Formerly Reality Technologies Australia, Involve Audio represents the decades of electronic, design and audio engineering expertise of a highly passionate and motivated team.

This passion, coupled with a genuine desire to push forward what is widely regarded as a stagnating audio reproduction industry, is what drives Involve Audio to pioneer the very best in sound technology today.

No other company has the underlying technology to produce the quality in sound that is produced by Involve. This applies to the very largest, as well as the best-known, brands.

Today, Involve stands on the brink of bringing a new sound paradigm to the market and we invite all those who truly wish for a better sound experience to join us.


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The following reviews were unsolicited and are the opinions of the reviewers. Involve Audio wishes to thank our past and future reviewers for their honest and unbiased opinions. Follow the links below to read the reviews.

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