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The story of Leema Acoustics...

  1. In 1998, former BBC Engineers Lee Taylor and Mallory Nicholls begin a research project to create a miniature loudspeaker for the studio. Driven by their fanatical attention to detail and their desire to create something quite special they developed new tools, models & acoustic principles in their quest for perfection.

  2. Inspired by the overwhelming reception from professional owners of the resulting Xen Micro Monitor, Lee and Mallory formed Leema Electro Acoustics to develop additional loudspeakers, complementary electronic components and further their vision.

  3. The introduction of the award winning Tucana integrated amplifier cemented Leema's reputation as a manufacturer of reference quality audio components. Its successor the Tucana II joined an ever expanding portfolio of components which have garnered Leema many awards, making Leema one of the most exciting and critically acclaimed young audio companies today.

  4. In 2014 after a close working relationship going back several years, Leema joined forces with Davlec Ltd, an established Welsh electronics manufacturer with experience in a variety of niche markets. Working together, this alliance will allow Leema to focus on the support and development of its products, while utilising the manufacturing procedures and protocols Davlec has refined over 30 years.

About Leema Acoustics

Leema Acoustics was originally founded in 1998 as a means of further exploring the fanatical interest in audio reproduction of its two founders ex-BBC engineers Lee Taylor and Mallory Nicholls. Their first project focussed on pushing the boundaries of loudspeaker design, determined as they were to create a miniature loudspeaker capable of outperforming a system many times its size. The design principles and mathematical models available at the time were incapable of creating the product Lee and Mallory envisioned, so they began four years of intense work, culminating in the Xen. A micro monitor of unsurpassed technical and musical excellence, Xen was originally only available to the professional audio market. As audiophiles became increasingly aware of the quality of Leema products, the Xen spread into the domestic market.

Following the success of their first product, Mallory and Lee decided to turn their expertise to audio electronics. Their first product, the Tucana integrated amplifier, was released early in 2006, winning the distinguished Hi Fi News amplifier of the year award later that year. Shortly afterwards, the Antila CD player was introduced and once again, almost immediately won the prestigious What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision best CD player award in 2007.

Since then, Leema’s portfolio of class leading products has expanded to include their Reference and Elements Ranges, and more recently the Essentials line. The new products continue to attract international acclaim, attracting many “best in class” reviews and numerous eminent awards.

In 2007, Leema began working with a local Welsh manufacturer in order to meet the increasingly high demand for product. Established in 1983, Davlec originally designed and manufactured electronics for the Dairy industry. Since then, they have expanded their business to cover a wide range of sub-contract areas such as automotive and metrology. After working together closely for a number of years, in 2014 the two companies made the decision to join forces. Now housed under the same roof, the production and design teams bring together their decades of experience to continue to manufacture products to the high standard that Leema has always been known for.

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