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Since 1953, Marantz remains true to the pursuit of pure musical reproduction. It’s what drove founder Saul B. Marantz when he tinkered in his Kew Gardens, NY basement to reproduce music as it was meant to be heard. It’s what drives us today. A classical guitarist with an innate ear for pure sound, Saul B. Marantz was dissatisfied with the amplifiers of his time — so he built the amplifier that could reproduce what he yearned to hear. He didn’t know it then, but Saul B. Marantz himself was the first customer.

His pursuit of sonic fidelity and unrelenting curiosity is alive today. It’s the passion that courses through everything we do. With unwavering attention to detail, Marantz produces unequaled HiFi sound that exalts the mastery and emotion of music. What moves us when we listen — those refined elements of quality sound — is central in each Marantz component.

This singular commitment to provide the purest reproduction of high-fidelity sound is what lead Marantz engineers to develop exclusive audio technologies. Marantz proprietary Hyper Dynamic Amplifier Modules (HDAMs) deliver ultra-wide-band response and detailed reproduction, and acclaimed Marantz Musical Mastering filters new media files into exceptional high-resolution playback. These are just some of the many Marantz acoustic technologies.


As audio technology evolved, so did the demands of home theater. Video reproduction was as necessary as pure sound. Marantz developed AV receivers to provide the best picture for movies and television. Our audio mastery was leveraged to create a viewing environment that rivaled the theater. Each new component was a champion of the magnetism of film, and what’s to come.

Working with the latest three-dimensional audio providers like Auro-3D, Dolby Atmos and DTS:X — as well as a partnership with IMAX Enhanced — Marantz AV receivers, amplifiers and pre-amplifiers provide unrivaled immersion for movies, streaming and games.

Watch television and film in perfect clarity, color and contrast with advanced video processing and the power of Marantz. Experience home theater in a new dimension.

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