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St.Georgen, Germany, Black Forest. Home of tinkerer, thinker and movers & shakers. Here is also the hometown of WE AUDIO SYSTEMS , a young and dynamic company with the claim to develop and produce high class products for the audio and hifi market, everything made in Black Forest.Timeless design, sophisticated technology, top quality production the ingredients for the products of WE AUDIO SYSTEMS.

WE AUDIO SYSTEMS will continue the tradition from the previous most important city for analog devices St.Georgen, the city were millions of turntables were produced.

We are proud and happy to use all the knowledge and Know-How from engineers and designers who worked in the past for the famous companies Dual or Perpetuum Ebner.

For the sale of our products we could get the brand Perpetuum Ebner (called also PE), a company founded in 1911, so it is one of the oldest brands within the audio industry.

Six years ago we decided to revive the brand which belonged to the largest phonomakers in Europe and decisively inuenced our home St. Georgen in the Black Forest in the middle of the last century, under the highest quality standards. Not far from the former PE production site, we have come to the inheritance of Perpetuum Ebner with five different models and have been able to revive the tradition since the rebirth in 2014.
We push the establishment of our brand in today’s hi-fi market with our new entry-level models PE 800 and PE 1000 this year and want to continue growing in Germany as well as internationally.
Take a look at our product range on this website and also in real – our list of distributors and retailers gives you a hint where to find your nearest possibility to listen to a PE turntable. We appreciate your interest in our products and are always open to your questions and requests.

Wolfgang Epting
Managing Director and Owner

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