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Polk Is the
Great American Sound

In 1972 change was everywhere. In our appearance. In our attitude. In our music. It was an era when the live show evolved into a milestone, selling out stadiums and inspiring a new generation with a mindblower of a soundtrack. Our founders set out to capture the wonder of the live concert experience and bring it home. Throughout the decades since, we've continued making speakers to elevate all aspects of sound-in movies, TV and music-to provide you with the ultimate listening experience that's always accessible.

Founded on Friendship, Built on Trust

Just a few friends from Johns Hopkins University with a passion for sound-and music on their mind. Matte Polk and his close-knit crew of rock 'n roll mad scientists left an indelible mark on world. What started as a garage project in an old Victorian rooming house in Baltimore, Maryland, quickly became a legacy that never wavered from its original vision: Searching out new solutions in high-fidelity sound, whilst engineering reliable speakers to span the generations.

It's HiFi Audio That Honors You

Success in this business relies on weathering time's endless changes with a cool head and a giving heart. It's this approach that's allowed us to produce countless new speaker products since our inception-all the whilst delighting homes across this great nation and beyond. Because… we know sound. It's our only focus. And as we continue researching, engineering and innovating toward new sonic revelations, you can trust that our intentions always will uphold the principles of real American HiFi. Because this isn't just a job-it's a privilege based on what audio should deliver: Great sound for everyone.


For more than four decades, we've been defining real American Hi-Fi in our advanced research and development labs in Baltimore, Maryland. Enjoy this small selection of our patented technologies that are a result of those hard-won efforts.

Design with Passion

Enjoying Polk’s rich, warm, lifelike sound means you get a look that embodies those same qualities. When we put our eye for design to the test, success means aligning with the vision of our lasting legacy. Rounded forms, natural tones, plush leathers, machined metals, resonance-free enclosures, high-performance composites, and other hand-selected speaker materials, keep inviting you back with every listen, reflecting a history rooted in mid-century American design.

A Genuine Approach

We believe in design that hearkens back to the cornerstone of our accomplishments. Care, pride, love, form, function-the way we see it, each one enriches the other. So the Polk speakers in your home live up to the sound we're known for.

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