“But no matter what the price, when experienced, this system will sell itself.”

-Maureen Jensen, Residential Systems

“Rock drum solos showed immense scale, yet with a level of precision and refinement that would satisfy many high-end audiophiles.”

-Myron Ho, Home Theater Review
“Nothing could prepare me for what I experienced at the PRO Experience Center”

-Kevin Garcia, Audioholics
“PRO Audio Technology have achieved audio excellence using horn-type speakers and eliminated the acoustic flaws that typically plague horn-type speakers, where even the most expensive home cinema audio systems, such as JBL Synthesis, have failed.

This achievement in itself is nothing short of miraculous.”

-Independent Shootout of 10 High-end Cinema Systems, Australia
“A strong case could be made that Pro Audio Technology started the trend of bringing commercial audio technology into the speaker category.”

-Robert Archer, cepro
“Measuring the World’s Most Awesome Subwoofer”

-Brent Butterworth, Lifewire


In 2004 Professional Home Cinema, LLC revolutionized residential surround sound by introducing a range of genuinely professional-grade audio loudspeakers and DSP amplifiers.

In 2010, Professional Home Cinema changed it’s brand name (but not business name) to Pro Audio Technology, “PRO”, to better fit company strategic direction.

To this day, PRO systems remain the go-to choice of movie and music industry A-listers, sports stars, and business and world leaders.

In 2020 Pro Audio Technology owner, Paul Hales, founded sister-company Theory Audio Design (Theory) to bring PRO’s technology to residential and commercial installed audio at more attainable prices.

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