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Since 1947, Rogers of England has been synonymous with quality audio equipment. Through creativity and innovative ideas, founder Jim Rogers produced a succession of consistently improved and refined systems. Now in its 73rd Year, Rogers are relaunching some familiar ‘famous’ products as well as some new ones. Once again, Rogers will set the standards for a new generation of music lovers.

The company produces a variety of hi-fi products, such as amplifiers, receivers, car audio equipment and LCD TVs, but is best known for its loudspeakers.

An early example was the Rogers Theatrical Horn Loudspeaker. In the early 1970s, Rogers was commissioned by the BBC to produce the LS3/5A. Some 50,000 pairs have been built worldwide to date. Meanwhile, LS 5/8 and LS 5/9 studio monitors were manufactured under license from the BBC, and have been used in recording studios worldwide.

In 1975 Michael O'Brien as chairman and Brian Pook as M.D. buy Rogers from the receiver. To do this Michael O'Brien bought an off the shelf trading company called Swisstone. Swisstone, trading as Rogers, with 6 former employees retain the BBC license for the LS3/5A and start manufacturing. Later in 1978 Rogers (actually Swisstone because Rogers now wasn't a company but a trading name) under Michael O'Brien and Brian Pook buy Chartwell from the official receiver.

In 1993 the brand was sold off to its new Chinese owners Wo Kee Hong Holdings, who had since developed the Rogers brand to include surround sound speakers, car audio equipment, Dolby Digital receivers and plasma and LCD TV screens. Although Wo Kee Hong owns the rights to the name, it had retained Swisstone as the sole researcher and designers of the Rogers speakers, therefore preserving the brand's British origins for a while. In 1998 as a result of a dramatic downturn in its Asian exports, the company closed the last of its UK manufacturing sites, and moved all production to Asia, where it has resided 2018 Rogers back to UK. And start making hifi products such as LS3/5a and LS 5/9 and tube amplification E20a.

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