music hall acri-plat



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Looking for a way to improve the sound of your turntable? Music hall’s new acri-plat is visually stunning and makes a terrific sonic upgrade.



acrylic turntable platter


sound improvement

The acri-plat lowers the background noise, increases the bass definition, sweetens the highs, and makes the sound more 3-dimensional. Can be used with or without a felt mat (we of course prefer cork). Try the acri-plat on our turntables, try it on other manufacturers’ turntables. You will be impressed!

design versatility

Works on the following music hall models:

mmf-2.2/2.3 (all models), mmf-5.1/5.3, mmf-5.1se/5.3se

Use of this platter may necessitate the raising of the arm. This arm raising could interfere with the closing of the dust cover.

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