Ascendo Black Swan Reference Cinema Fully Active State-of-the-art Point-source Horn Speaker System


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Fully active
point-source horn speaker system

Reference Cinema

The fabulous performance of the Black Swan with a single 15" gets enhanced by the Black Swan with two 15". Its maximum sound pressure level of 140 dB sets standards. Really good speakers offer up to 120 dB maximum SPL. Obviously, this speaker system is in a class of its own.

Black Swan - The Screen Channel speaker with ultimate performance and musicality


Performance and musicality

Black Swan is a speaker system that sets new standards in the world of home theaters and commercial cinemas. Ultimate sound pressure and finest detail resolution, paired with an outstanding musicality are not opposites anymore, they melt in the Back Swan to a perfect combination.

Equipped with a point source 2-way coax asymmetrical horn system, exclusively designed and custom-made to reach a low crossover point and perfect mid to high frequency reproduction. This time-coherent linear phase, high-performance point-source, combines with an ultra fast and highest sensitivity15-inch mid-woofer, the SMW15, to an extremely impressive and extraordinary performing musical speaker system, that leaves nothing to be desired. Reference levels even at huge commercial theaters are one trait of this unmatched speaker system. Upgrades to Beryllium compression drivers are available matching the best sounding audiophile horn speaker systems for audiophile reproduction.

It’s absolutely fascinating how the Black Swan system breathes finest, extremely quiet, almost only hinted notes into the cinema in such a soft yet differentiated and airy way to instantly throw thunderstorm salvos in the next moment into the listening room accompanied by explosively upsurging volume peaks at frightening life like volume levels. With 500 W for each of the two horn attached coils and 1000 W for the mid-woofer clearly speak for themselves to never run out of steam.

132 dB SPL Peak – this is a promise!

Black Swan – audiophile sound, dynamics and compact design in perfection.

Specifications (selection)

Speaker type

Time-coherent 2“ coaxial compression driver One-Point-Source and 2x custom-built 15“ midwoofer with AIA Speaker Management technology




137dB Cont. / 140dB Peak

Frequency range

55Hz to 25kHz


500W + 500W + 1000W +1000 (3000W)

Width x Height x Depth

1000 x 1300 x 650mm



All speakers are supplied with a front grille as standard

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