Ascendo CCRM6 MKII Active High-performance Coaxial Cinema Monitor Speaker


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Active high-performance
coaxial cinema monitor speaker



Integrated digital amplification -
convincing all the way

Looking for an exceptional lifelike sounding point source speaker for immersive audio in a home theater. Look no further, with an in build DSP management, room correction system, audio over IP through a single CAT cable and many more unique features the CCRM6 is for you.

This speaker offers a shallow enclosure fitting in the tiniest spaces through its various mounting options. With 120dB peak SPL, it offers Class-leading performance paired with two balanced XLR and up to eight channels of audio streaming inputs, nearly unlimited DSP control options for in-room compensation and alignment perfectly suited for multi-channel home theaters or critical listening

Furthermore, the active design topology offers a DSP controlled crossover and speaker-specific correction presets which time align, linearize phase response and protect. AIA's built-in power amplifiers are optimized for each channel and speaker they are driving. This guarantees there is always plenty of power available no matter how wide of a dynamic range the audio material has one throws at them

Due to its sublime sound quality, it stands out as a front speaker, but it is also applicable as a high-performance surround and ceiling speaker in larger systems because of its particular shallow enclosure and perfect symmetrical concentric sound dissipation.

CCRM 6 - A powerpack with audiophile genes

Specifications (selection)

Speaker type

Time-coherent 6,5“ Coax One-Point-Source with AIA Speaker Management technology




115dB Cont. / 120dB Peak

Frequency range

80Hz to 20kHz


500W + 150W (650W)

Width x Height x Depth

410 x 610 x 100mm



All speakers are supplied with a front grille as standard

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