Ascendo SMSG10 Active Shallow Sealed 10" Subwoofer


Made in Germany


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shallow sealed 10" subwoofer


  • LFE

Our entry-level model -
perfectly suited for wall and ceiling

The SMSG10 not only marks the starting point in the world of active Ascendo subwoofers, it also allows for a flexible conception of the entire home theater system. Its shallow design makes this powerful subwoofer the ideal companion for on-wall or ceiling installations where no space can be wasted.

Equipped with a specially developed high excursion 10-inch woofer and advanced DSP amplifier, this active model can easily be upgraded by a second passive SMS10-P subwoofer. The integrated amplifiers are offering a second DSP controllable powered woofer or fullrange speaker output with 500 watts. This means you can use it also with a High Pass passive speaker providing 500 W with a sophisticated DSP for it. As a sealed subwoofer with high amplifier power, it impresses with fast attack and high dynamic low-frequency response.

It is a perfect partner for AIA's infrasonic subs range.

SMSG10 – flexibility - a perfect combination.

Specifications (selection)

Speaker type

Custom-built 10“ woofer, 6,5cm voice coil, 24mm linear excursion, with AIA Speaker Management technology




109dB Cont. / 112dB Peak

Frequency range

35Hz to 250Hz


500W + variable 500W output for additional speakers

Width x Height x Depth

410 x 850 x 100mm



All speakers are supplied with a front grille as standard


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