Atlas Digital Output Terminator Plug (set of 2)



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Atlas Digital Output Terminator, to reduce noise emissions in system.


Digital Output Terminator Plug

Supplied in sets of 2 per pack

Unused digital outputs in CD players/DACS/amplifiers can be susceptible to RFI (Radio Frequency Interference), which manifests as noise. Using Atlas Digital Output Terminators (DOTs) on all unused digital outputs will reduce wide-band spectral interference. Both Isolators are beautifully hand crafted and produced in Scotland.

Unused input sockets on analogue components are susceptible to the ingression and amplification of noise by terminating unused inputs However digital audio outputs can also be a source of system-wide interference and therefore terminating these devices with their characteristic impedance eliminates stray emissions, minimising RF noise. Simply plug the DOT into any unused digital audio (S/PDIF) output.

Caution: Do not plug an AIT or DOT into the RCA analogue outputs on your amplifier – you may damage your equipment!

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