Atlas Element Optical Audio Cable


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A digital interconnect with a neutral, accurate sound, providing a worthwhile performance upgrade over ‘freebie’ cables.


Element Optical

Designed for use with the optical digital sockets fitted to CD players/transports and streaming audio devices. Typical usage is to connect, for example, a streaming device such as an Apple Airport Express or Sonos ‘Connect’ to your hifi system.

Toslink (optical) connections have become increasingly popular with the rise of ‘dual purpose’ personal audio devices and DACs, many of which are also used as components in high quality home systems.

However basic ‘bundled’ Toslink cables suffer from a number of issues which degrade the performance of the system. Typically these issues include poor quality core conductor materials, poor matching of conductor to connectors and poor fit of connectors to equipment sockets. These flaws typically combine in very poor ‘jitter’ performance which gives a grainy, tonally bleached sound characteristic of poor quality digital audio.

Our Toslink cables are designed to specifically address these issues, using a high quality PMMA (‘acrylic glass’) light conducting core coupled with precision machined and micro-polished ABS connectors to maximise efficient transfer. Accurate alignment of the cable components and connectors means the cable is optimised for low jitter performance, resulting in a detailed yet smooth sound ideally suited to digital devices. Mini Toslink adapters are available.


Connector Type: Toslink Plug

Conductor Material: PMMA

Dielectric Material: N/A

Construction: Single Fibre


Construction Single Fibre
Material PMMA
Outside Diameter 6mm

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