Big Band Spectacular 2LP Chasing The Dragon Direct Cut Vinyl

Chasing the Dragon

Made in United Kingdom


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Chasing The Dragon presents this unique double album, consisting of two LPs created at exactly the same time. One is "Direct Cut" recorded straight to vinyl, and the other is mixed down from multi-track tape. This release is a great demonstration of the differences between "Direct Cut" and Tape methods, and perfect for referencing when making changes to your Hi-Fi system.

Big Band Spectacular 2LP Vinyl

The UK’s leading big band, The Syd Lawrence Orchestra, were chosen by producer Mike Valentine for his exploration into the sound differences between direct cut vinyl and a multi-track analogue tape recording and mix done of exactly the same event.

The album had to be recorded live so he had to choose a selection of music which would be of the perfect length. Valentine chose a recording studio which not only had a superb sounding space, but also an engineer versed in the black art of cutting live vinyl.

Ultimately, he chose Air Studios with engineers Jake Jackson and John Webber. The Syd Lawrence Orchestra led by Chris Dean perform music consisting of eight pieces from the big band era, the creations of Glen Miller, Artie Shaw, and Benny Goodman played live at Air Studios.

- Audiophile Demonstration Album
- Double LP (Direct Cut vs Tape Recording)
- Gatefold album
- Live recording
- 180-gram vinyl
- Included Behind the Scenes DVD
- Mastered at Air Studios in London
- Produced/Engineered by Mike Valentine

"Listening to the feed going to the cutting head, and then listening to it coming back through the SME arm and cartridge used to track the recording lacquer, the sound quality just got better. If you can tell me why, I don't know! It must be something to do with a sort of distortion that the human being seems to love. It just sounds warmer, nicer, more real."
- Mike Valentine, Chasing The Dragon


Side A

1. Sing Sing Sing

2. Moonlight Serenade

3. Begin The Beguine

4. American Patrol

Side B

1. In The Mood

2. String of Pearls

3. Little Brown Jug

4. Anvil Chorus

Disc One - Live Studio Session Directly Cut to Vinyl

Disc Two - Same Session via 24 Track Mixdown to 1/2" Tape @ 30IPS

"Both discs sound extraordinarily vibrant, alive, and real, and if the comparison between tape and D2D wasn't so instantly available you would be more than happy with the tape-based version that was cut from 24 track, two-inch tape mixed down to half-inch tape at 30 IPS. But putting on the D2D reveals just how incredibly natural, warm and effortless vinyl can sound at its best. This pressing has a depth and richness of tone that's irresistible and even seems to 'time' better than its tape-mastered counterpart. Given big bands were all about precise timing, that's saying a lot!"
- Hi-Fi+ Magazine

"This album of tunes by Glenn Miller, Benny Goodman, and Artie Shaw comes as close to being on the other side of the studio glass as I've heard from a recording in some time."
- Stereophile Magazine

Chasing The Dragon Audiophile Recordings

Chasing The Dragon have become known as one of the leading producers of audiophile recordings. The UK label owned by Mike Valentine offers Direct Cut LPs. Audiophile LPs, CDs, and Master Tapes which will demonstrate the potential of your Hi-Fi system.

Chasing The Dragon's releases are so detailed, if you take the time to familiarise yourself with the subtleties of these reference-level recordings, the next time you make any changes, big or small, to your Hi-Fi system, the differences will be notable.


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