Burmester 099 Preamplifier and 956MK2 Power Amplifier Bundle (used)

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With Box, Instructions and Remote Control


Lovely Chrome finish front panel and silver body that is unmarked.

Why Should I buy it?

This is a rare find, a Burmester Pre/Power combination, that sounds just as good as it looks. Features 3 Balanced inputs and 5 digital inputs. Onboard DAC. It sounds spectacular with a huge soundstage, plenty of power to drive almost anything and so much detail and openness. With legendary Burmester German build quality, heavy heatsinks and an industrial style, this combo has everyone in the shop talking. Wont disappoint.

Brand new Price: $30,000

Burmester 099

Aim of the new Classic Line 099 Preamp is to take account of the growing popularity of digital sources and to unite picture and sound. It is equipped with six digital inputs – 2 x RCA, 3 x TORX and 1 x USB. Therefore, it is suitable for a multitude of digital sources like digital satellite receivers, gaming consoles or your computer.

The sampling rate for the D/A conversion can be selected between 96 kHz/24 bit and 192 kHz/24 bit. External digital sources can be upgraded with the award-winning Burmester D/A converting technology, and thus will smoothly integrate into your highend sound system. The 099 can be used as a full-value preamplifier, using the volume function, or as pre-preamplifier for an existing preamp with fixed volume. In this application, the volume function is out of service. In addition to that, analogue sources can be connected to three balanced analogue inputs. The Classic Line 099 Preamp belongs to a new generation of Burmester products, distinguished by a very low power consumption of less than 1 Watt in Standby mode.

Main features: 

  • 3 balanced analogue inputs (XLR 3pol. female, combo jack), can be used as unbalanced inputs via adapter for 6.3 mm jack to RCA 
  • 6 digital inputs (2x RCA, 3x TORX, 1x USB) for the connection of a multitude of digital sources, like digital satellite receivers, gaming consoles or computers 
  • 1 balanced analogue output, XLR 3pol. Male, phase reversible 
  • 1 unbalanced analogue output, cinch, phase reversible 
  • 2 digital outputs (1x RCA, 1x TOTX), reproducing the selected digital input at all outputs 
  • 1 headphone jack (6,3 mm) + 1 RCA for the connection of headphone preamplifiers or wireless headphones. The MUTE function can be controlled via remote 
  • DC-coupled signal path without capacitors resulting in a precise bass reproduction due to the nonexistence of phase shift in the audible range 
  • Input sensitivity selectable by -14 dB to +14 dB for the compensation of different volumes of sources 
  • Sampling rate for D/A conversion can be selected between 96kHz/24bit and 192kHz/24bit 
  • The internal power supply features a very low standby power consumption (< 1 W) – Burmester goes GREEN.

What's included: 

  • 1 099 preamplifier in protective packaging 
  • 1 Power cable 
  • 4 Input adapters stereo jack to RCA 
  • 1 Remote control 
  • 1 Owner’s manual


It is usually an analog device that requires a complete stereo power amplifier or two mono power amplifiers. The role of the preamplifier is to receive an analog or digital audio signal from a source, e.g. a turntable, CD player, computer, TV, stream player and transfer it to the power amplifiers, so that they strengthen it and drive the loudspeakers with it.

It is also worth recalling that each integrated amplifier has a built-in preamplifier and power amplifiers, but the most sophisticated stereo systems usually have these functions separated into separate devices. This is due to the fact that the preamplifier and power amplifier have completely different power line requirements, which are in conflict with each other. In addition, the operation of power amplifiers operating on a signal with a power of several or several dozen watts usually disrupts the work of a preamplifier operating on a very weak signal counted in millivolts. After all, it is an additional place where each user can have an additional influence on the sound of their system by choosing their own preamplifier and power amplifier.

That is why most audiophiles consider it appropriate to use the so-called "shared system" and the temptation to pair devices from different manufacturers with each other is strong, because you can get a very unique, original sound.

Good quality preamplifiers are usually distinguished by very precise sound intensity control, which is a disadvantage of even more expensive amplifiers and has a significant impact on the reception of stereo.






DAC Converter:


Built-in DAC:








USB Apple iPhone/iPod input:




2xRCA line outputs:


2xRCA line inputs:


Headphone output:

6.3mm big jack



Other connectors:

  • USB
  • XLR
  • AUX
  • Toslink


Input sensitivity selectable by -14 dB to +14 dB for the compensation of different volumes of sources


Sampling rate for D/A conversion can be selected between 96kHz/24bit and 192kHz/24bit


The internal power supply features a very low standby power consumption (< 1 W) – Burmester goes GREEN.


User friendly handling



Power consumption:

Standby mode: <1W









956 MK2

Power Amplifier

For Classic Line

The stereo power amplifier 956 MK2 combines great power capacity with excellent music timing and dynamics. Its sound is marked by impressive spatial resolution and warmth.

The stereo power amplifier 956 MK2 extends Burmester’s power amp portfolio consisting of the legendary 911 and 909, which have garnered international renown. The 956 MK2 offers an unusually high damping factor with an extremely short rise time to deliver large currents. Thus it combines loads of power with great dynamics and excellent musical timing. Its sound is marked by impressive spatial resolution and warmth. Internal wiring to supply power to the output stages and transfer signals to the speaker binding posts consists of 10 mm high-purity copper wire. This ensures that the high currents of the power amp are transferred without loss to the speakers. This amp coaxes airy sound images and bone-rattling dynamics even from loudspeakers with lowest impedances and complex loads.


With attention to detail.

Recognisable as a typical Burmester even from the very first glance, the 956 MK2 power amplifier makes use of characteristic design elements of the Classic Line.



Of course, like all Burmester products for high-end home audio the 956 MK2 power amplifier is also hand-assembled in the Berlin factory and is subject to the same strict quality control procedures. Up to 300 computer-aided measurements are taken before and after a one-week burn-in period. The protocols of these tests are saved and may later be used, if necessary, to return a damaged unit to its original state. They also serve as reference for future upgrades to incorporate technological advances.


The 956 MK2 sports heat sinks in the unmistakable Burmester design that has by now become a classic. Visually as well as technically this power amp incorporates the same design and construction principles that mark its bigger siblings. Just like the 909 and 911, its DC-coupled signal paths are free from distorting capacitors. This guarantees detailed and convincing musicality at any volume and even at difficult orchestral passages. The layout of the circuitry is balanced throughout and together with the Class-A amplification stages provides precise and honest reproduction of any kind of music.

Technical Details

Weight 31 kg (68.3 lbs)
Width 185 mm (7.3“)
Height 185 mm (7.3“)
Depth 482 mm (19“)
Inputs 1 XLR
Bridgeable into mono
operation via mono adapters
X–Amp yes
Bi–Amping via
Bi–Amp adapters


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