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Temple Church is over 1000 years old and is located in central London. It contains wonderful acoustics and was the perfect place to record a choir. Chasing The Dragon have also added recordings of the organ, lute, and theorbo in this special release.

Temple Church Concert CD

The Jonathan Darbourne Ensemble choir, Lynda Sayce on lute and theorbo, and organist Greg Morris perform for the Temple Church Concert in this special Chasing The Dragon release.

This audiophile-grade recording will bring out the wonderful acoustics of London's iconic Temple Church. 


- Audiophile Demonstration CD
- Mastered at Air Studios in London
- Produced by Mike Valentine & Francoise Valentine

This audiophile demonstration recording samples classical pieces by Bach, Higginbottom, and more.

The recording path has been made as simple as possible, and this will become clear when you play the album. The artists are performing right in front of you, between your loudspeakers.


1. Organ
"Toccata And Fuge In D Minor" - Bach

2. Choir
"Down By The Sally Gardens" - Higginbottom

3. Choir
"Ego Sum Panis Vivus" - Palestrina

4. Choir
"Timor Et Tremor" - Poulenc

5. Choir
"Vinea Mea Electa" - Poulanc

6. Choir
"I Was Glad" - Purcell

7. Choir
"Adew Adew My Heart Is Lust" - Corsynt

8. Choir
"Come Live With Me" - Bennet

 9. Choir
"Te Lucis Ante Terminum" - Tallis

10. Choir
"Nolo Mortem Peccatoris" - Morley

11. Lute
Anonymous Piece

12. Theorbo
"Chaccone" - Robert De Visee

13. Choir
"Singin Wid A Sword In Ma Han" - Sowande

Chasing The Dragon Audiophile Recordings

Chasing The Dragon have become known as one of the leading producers of audiophile recordings. The UK label owned by Mike Valentine offers Direct Cut LPs. Audiophile LPs, CDs, and Master Tapes which will demonstrate the potential of your Hi-Fi system.

Chasing The Dragon's releases are so detailed, if you take the time to familiarise yourself with the subtleties of these reference-level recordings, the next time you make any changes, big or small, to your Hi-Fi system, the differences will be notable.


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