Clearaudio Pure Groove Zero

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Size: 250 ml
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Professional disc cleaning fluid with enormous cleaning power, very efficient. Specially developed for cleaning lacquer LPs, without alcohol.

Available in the following sizes: 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml, 2500ml.

Clearaudio Pure Groove Zero is a powerful cleaning fluid developed specifically for use with vinyl records and vintage 78rpm shellac records.

Shellac is easily dissolved by conventional vinyl cleaning fluids, so it is extremely important to only use fluids specifically designed for use on shellac records. If the cleaning fluid is only used for vinyl records, Ethanol can be added to obtain better cleaning results.

Mixing ratio:

350ml Pure Groove Zero

Add 150ml Ethanol denat. (90%) / Isopropyl alcohol (90%) to make 0.5 litre

700ml Pure Groove Zero

Add 300ml Ethanol denat. (90%) / Isopropyl alcohol (90%) to make 1 litre

1.75l Pure Groove Zero

Add 750ml Ethanol denat. (90%) / Isopropyl alcohol (90%) to make 2.5 litres

14l Pure Groove Zero

Add 6l Ethanol denat. (90%) / Isopropyl alcohol (90%) to make 20 litres.

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