Denon PMA-720AE Integrated Amplifier



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Integrated Amplifier


Thoroughly constructed mid range amplifier, which incorporates core elements of the Denon HiFi sound tool box. Amongst others a high-speed, high-capacity power supply.

New features:

  • Further improved sound quality

  • Newly developed system remote control

  • ECO friendly with low power consumption in stand by, and auto power-off

  • New high quality speaker terminals

High quality sound:

  • High Current (HC) Single-Push-Pull Circuit for musical detail and power

  • Wide dynamic range playback, supporting a high-grade audio sources

  • Main transformer with separate power supplies for audio and control circuit

  • Micro-processor stop mode, for higher sound quality

  • Vibration-resistant design with Direct Mechanical Ground Construction

  • European sound-tuned

Useful Functions:

  • Newly-designed system remote control

  • Phono Equalizer Amp (MM), for connecting an analogue record player

  • PRE OUT jack, for system expansion

  • Headphone jack

  • Less than 0.3 W in standby

  • Aluminium front panel, befitting of the elegance of a high-end audio product

  • Design matches the new DCD-720AE CD player

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