EGM Audio - Audio Power Cable – Red Series V2

EGM Audio

Made in Australia


Length: 1m
Termination: AUS to IEC C15
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Audio Power Cable - Red Series V2


EGM Audio Hi-Fi Audio Power Cable – Red Series

This  perfect mid level Hi-Fi Audio Power Cable is part of EGM Audio’s red series. Offering an astonishing performance at an affordable price, the tinned copper braid screen used in our power cables, provides a fantastic extension and frequency range – lowering electrical noise and making a secure sound stage. Coming in a variety of lengths, this tough handcrafted cable is a great investment for those of you looking for something designed for high quality applications! Handmade in Australia this cable not only delivers precise production, it also represents great value-for-money. Perfect for larger set ups, this audio power cable is perfect for any home and studio set ups.

EGM Audio’s Power Cable Construction:

  • Layer 6: Nylon Sheath – Outer jacket gives extra protection to the cable.

  • Layer 5: PVC Clear Jacket – This outer PVC jacket helps give the cable axial mechanical strength and resistance while giving a high degree of flexibility to the cable.

  • Layer 4: EMI/ RFI Screen – Copper Tinned Braided Screening, this will protect your cable/ audio equipment form external and internal EMI. It is the best level of protection for Audiophile Systems.

  • Layer 3: Inner PVC Layer – This resistance PVC barrier protects the inner cores of the cable from any interference on the EMI screen.

  • Layer 2: Conductor’s PVC Jacket – This special compound electronically extruded evenly around the copper conductors are exclusive to EGM Audio’s Power Cables. It has a very low dielectric, and this remains constant over wide frequency ranges making this the best available on today’s market for Hi-End audio systems.

  • Layer 1: Conductors – 3 core, 99.999% OFC multi strand pure electrolytic copper. Highest purity of copper available for any Audio Equipment on the market.


  • High Grade audiophile power cable

  • Improves sound and picture quality of audio and AV products

  • EMI/ RFI protective screening

  • 14AWG 3 core, 99.999% OFC pure electrolytic copper

  • Made & Designed in Australia, 230v AS/NZ Standard with IEC C19, IEC C15, IEC C17 Plug Top

  • Also available in EU – Type F & USA Type B

  • 5 Year Warranty


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