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The PION N3 ZF Power Cable

Award winning power cable

“This is a power cable for power users hefty power amps in particular show just what this cable is capable of and while that applies across the board, its sense of dynamic flow and absence of dynamic obstruction really come across when using something power-hungry in and of itself. This is not simply edge-of-the-seat dynamics, but the more subtle shading and interplay between.”

Alan Sircom, HiFi+, Issue 187

The German Physiks PION N3 ZF power cable is intended to provide excellent results with all types of audio equipment, from low power devices such as streamers and preamplifiers, to very high output power amplifiers, such as our own Emperor Extreme monoblocks, which can deliver up to 1,800W r.m.s. continuously.

We had two objectives in mind when we designed this cable.

Firstly, and most importantly, the cable is designed to efficiently convey power from the power socket to the device it is connected to. It does this by having a conductor with a large effective cross-sectional area and therefore a low resistance.

Secondly, it is designed to provide a degree of high-frequency noise filtration.

Each of the three conductors in the German Physiks Pion N3 ZF power cable consists of 6 individually insulated solid copper strands, tightly spiralled around a central insulated zinc-plated iron strand.

The iron strand, being magnetically permeable, has the same effect as the permeable core in an inductor, that is, it increases the inductance of the conductor. While having negligible effect at low frequencies and therefore no effect on the cable’s ability to deliver power, it does provide a degree of high-frequency noise filtration, that increases with frequency.

The degree of filtering depends on the length of the strand in the cable.

To maximise this, the 6 copper strands are very tightly wrapped around the iron core to form the conductor and the 3 conductors are then very tightly twisted within the cable as can be seen above.

The cable is manufactured in Germany using the latest machinery and premium quality materials. This ensures that it meets all the relevant safety standards and that a consistently high level of quality is maintained.

The IEC connector and inlet plugs are sourced from Furutech in Japan, a company well known for the excellent quality for their products. These feature 24k gold plated contacts.

Product Specifications

Conductor construction
6 x 0.8 mm diameter solid copper strands
1 x 0.8 mm diameter solid zinc-plated iron strand
Total conductor area 3.52 sq mm

Appliance end
IEC C13 | Rating: 10A/250V 15A/125V A.C.
IEC C19 | Rating: 16A/250V 20A/125V A.C.

Outlet end plug options
Schuko 2-pole plus earth | Rating: 16A 250V A.C.
US 2-pole plus earth | Rating: 15A/125V A.C.
UK 2-pole plus earth | Rating: 13A Fused/250V A.C.

Contact us for other connectors

Standard length
2.0m. Contact us for custom lengths

Cable diameter
18.5 mm

Outer jacket colour
Matt black

Minimum bending radius (static)
152 mm

5 years


As part of our process of continually improving our products, we reserve the right to change specifications without notice.

Product Reviews


Publication: HiFi+
Date: August 2020
Country: UK
Language: English
Product: Pion N3 ZF Power Cable
view/download pdf (0.15MB)


Publication: Audio
Date: January 2019
Country: Germany
Language: German
Product: Pion N3 ZF Power Cable
view/download pdf (0.75MB)


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