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Helium600 Inwall

Architectural i.e. hidden sound solutions are normally made for the eye, not for the ear. Often they are not meant for serious listening, but simply for filling a space with sound. Kind of like fast food is meant to fill your stomach.

If you are one of those people who want to nourish yourself with healthy, energy and balance restoring food after a long day at work, but do not want sound to show Helium600 could be a solution.

Helium600 has many advantages compared to conventional architectural speakers:

  • No sweet spots. Wide even “general lighting- like” dispersion allows you to enjoy even natural seamless sound throughout your home. With less speakers.

  • Flexible installation. Due to its uniform dispersion pattern Helium600 can installed to ceiling, wall, on top of for example kitchen cabinet firing up. A seamless sound is created even if when speakers cannot be installed perfectly in conventional terms.

  • Imaging. Helium600 produces depth of image correctly, which greatly adds enjoyment for example for TV sound use. For daily personal enjoyment and  to impress your friends install Helium600 to concrete wall and hear sound coming deep inside your wall.

A perfect home should look, sound and feel perfect. If you place top demands for your visuals why should you settle for second best regarding sound? Helium600 fills the space with even, life-like emotion inducing and atmosphere creating sound. A sound you can feel, even if you cannot see it.

Features & Specifications

Operating principle:



1" titanium

Mid / woofer:

2 x 4,5" paper

Crossover point:

1600 Hz


4 ohm


90 dB

Frequency response: 5

0 – 20 000 Hz +/-3dB (when mounted in wall)

Power recommendation:

20 – 100 W

Measurements (h x w x d):

316 x 160 x 265 mm


8 Kg


white – grid can be painted by end-customer

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