JL Audio SA-600W-240V Subwoofer Amplifier

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SA-600W-240V Subwoofer Amplifier

Engineered with powerful features and versatile functionality, the Fathom SA-600W is a state-of-the-art amplifier designed to power a top-flight subwoofer system in home theater and home audio systems.

Utilizing a precisely-engineered switching power supply, the SA-600W is capable of efficiently generating unclipped output voltages equivalent to 600 watts of RMS power, while remaining calm and stable. Managing all of the SA-600W’s on-board features is an intuitively designed interface for adjusting all settings and controls with ease.

The SA-600W includes the following features:
• Intuitive interface with LCD display provides detailed control of on-board settings and functions
• Pristine, stereo audio circuit pathways used throughout
• On-board, 2-way active crossover (12/24 dB per octave), capable of supporting a conventional 2-channel audio system with a low-pass filtered subwoofer output and high-pass filtered outputs to feed the main speakers’ amplifier
• Built-in, optimized equalizer curves for use with JL Audio subwoofers systems
• Fixed or variable level control options
• Selectable polarity control (0 or 180 degrees) to optimize subwoofer integration
• Programmable time delay control added to the SA-600W’s subwoofer outputs and auxiliary outputs.
• E.L.F. (Extreme Low Frequency) trim applies equalizer cut or boost at 25 hertz (-12 to + 3 dB) to tailor a subwoofer’s response for a particular room.
• Innovative D.A.R.O. (Digital Automatic Room Optimization) technology designed to offset poor room acoustics (requires optional JL Audio calibration microphone – sold separately)
• Three on-board equalizer bands with configurable frequency range, gain range and Q range to optimize in-room response
• Grounded or Isolated input mode options for quiet, noise-free performance
• Stereo, high-level inputs accept direct connection from receivers equipped with speaker level outputs only
• Automatic turn-on options via signal sensing or 12V trigger
• 12V input and output triggers to control additional SA-600Ws or peripheral equipment
• Front-mounted USB port and DFU button provides easy access to update firmware
• Versatile mounting options for table-top setups or rack-mount installations
• Wireless input capability when used with a JLINK™ TRX System (sold separately)


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