Larsen 4.3 Ortho-Acoustic Floorstanding Speakers (pair)


Made in Sweden


Colour: Walnut
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Larsen 4

Welcome to the Larsen-family of Ortho Acoustic speakers!

Even though the Larsen 4 is the smallest model in their range, it is still built and designed on the same principles as their flagship model, the Larsen 9. Despite its relatively small dimensions the Larsen 4 creates a deep and precise bass all the way down to 28Hz, an impressive mid-range and transparent high frequencies, playing well beyond its physical dimensions. Most people that hear a Larsen 4 for the first time are shocked at how such a big expansive sound can be created by a speaker of such a small physical size. It is truly an incredible achievement.

Larsen speakers are designed to be placed against a wall whereas most speaker designs sound best when they are moved away from walls in free space. Therefore, Larsen speakers do not intrude into your room and do not draw attention to themselves. They are compact and have a classy aesthetic so they feel more ‘invisible’ and exist cohesively in the listening space and do not get in the way. Then, when you play music through them……Wow! Where is that amazing soundscape coming from?

Now you can experience music that sounds fantastic at a price that is music for your ears. It’s just you and your music.


Speakers designed for REAL rooms – Larsen 4.2 Review

John Larsen talks about his unique HiFi Speakers @ Bristol Show 2018


TNT-Audio, Lucio Cadeddu, 2019

The Larsen 4.2 are speakers with few/no competitors. Made to play music for hours and hours, they satisfied both the reviewer and the music lover who live in me. They represent the perfect answer for anyone looking for no-trouble loudspeakers that can play well in a standard living room with all the compromises that might affect good sound reproduction.

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Positive Feedback, Larry Cox, 201

An emotionally engaging experience is offered that includes pretty exceptional macrodynamic contrasts from such a small speaker, making them a finish line speaker in medium to small rooms. They do “deep bass” which is a holy grail for some but do it with a measure of subtlety. Imaging will sound like real live music in rooms populated by dozens if not hundreds of people like you, rather than a performance for just one listener. As a final bit as a somewhat efficient speaker (87dB at 8 Ohms), you won’t need a behemoth of an amplifier to create a satisfying system.

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Walnut, White Lacquer, Black Lacquer.

Product Specifications

Type 2-Way Floorstanding Loudspeaker
Drive Technology 1 x Scanspeak Discovery D2606 Tweeter
1 x 174mm (7”) Seas Bass Drive Unit
Enclosure Technology Triangular bass reflex
Measurements Power: 100W per channel
Impedance: 8Ω nominal
Sensitivity: 87dB at 1 metre on-axis, 2.83V input
Frequency response: 28Hz – 20kHz
Dimensions Height: 735mm (29″)
Width: 230mm (9”)
Depth: 260mm (10”)
Weight 11.5kg (26 lbs) per speaker (channel)



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