Larsen 9 Floorstanding Speakers (pair)


Made in Sweden


Colour: Ebony
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Larsen 9

Top of the line

Continual improvement and deep knowledge about Stig Carlsson´s Ortho Acoustic principles is still a big part of the mission behind our product line. But this time we even made exclusive choices of all material you find in this 2,5 way system. With a flavor from the Nordic furniture tradition the outfit is smooth and soft and they are easy furnished as all earlier Larsen-models: Flush against the wall is the receipt.

This placement combined with the unique positioning and angle of the drivers, flanked by absorbers, creates a rich and deep three-dimensional sound stage, far more detailed and with better ambience, than the existing Larsen models.
The two basses, working together under 300 Hz, perform a deep, attacking and precis bass, with very low distortion, all the way down to 22 Hz.

The high frequencies are performed with clearness and excellent spreading, very low distortion. The plate around the tweeter is the same as Larsen 8.

On Larsen Hifi we have never understood the need for a separate subwoofer. Using the backwall as a part of the listening room the ortho acoustic way offer as much bass as you want. And furthermore, with this model we have a depth and a layering of the sound which is amazing.



Effect 200 W
Sensitivity 88 db
Impedance 4 ohm
Bass driver 184 mm
Width 300 mm
Height 930 mm
Depth 378 mm
Weight 25,5 kg/ 56 lbs


Soundstage! Australia, Barry Jones, 2021

If I had to choose one word to describe the Larsen 9s, it would be “Beguiling”, this word having sprung to mind frequently throughout my listening sessions….The Larsen 9 should be a serious contender for any enthusiast looking for the real thing. I just can’t imagine anyone not being impressed with these speakers. I liked them so much I wrestled with the idea of buying them continuously throughout the five-week review period.

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The Absolute Sound, Robert Greene, 2020

This is a speaker that should be heard by every student of the audio arts……The Larsens offer a unique sound that to my ears is unusually true to actual music, and they are unusual, too, in their ease of effective placement in the room. They offer their unique sound with a truly minimal disturbance of domestic life. Whether their unique sound is for you is something you need to experience for yourself. You will have not heard anything else much like the sound—except of course in live music.

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