LINN Brakit


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4 - wall mount bracket

  • Compatible with Majik 109, Unik, Akurate 212, Akurate 225, Katan, Trikan

  • Horizontal & vertical angle adjustment

  • Mounting depth 68 mm

  • Available in black or white finish

  • Includes speaker and wall fixings



Simple and versatile on-wall placement of Linn loudspeakers

The Linn Brakit provides simple and versatile on-wall placement of Linn loudspeakers.

The Linn Brakit is a rigid and secure wall mounting system for Linn loudspeakers that allows you to adjust the angle of your loudspeakers both vertically and horizontally.

Available in a choice of white or black finishes, it is designed for use with Majik 109 and Unik loudspeakers as well as a selection of previous models including Akurate 212, Akurate 225, Katan and Trikan.

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