LINN Selekt DSM Power Amp Cartridge


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Power Amp Cartridge 100 Watts @ 4 Ohm



This is a module with 2off Class-D Power Amplifier channels

Each channel uses 4mm/Banana/binding post terminals

Power Amplifier Output:

Bridged Class-D amplifier with post-filter feedback using 4mm/Banana/binding post terminals.

Max output power:
100W/channel into 4Ω load,
50W / channel into 8Ω load
THD+N: 0.001% Dynamic Range      110dB Gain: 20dB


  • An upgrade to the Selekt Power supply may be requried to use any new modules.

  • Power Amplifier outputs: These are CLASS-D amplifier outputs and speakers should ONLY be connected/disconnected when the product in is Sleep state or powered OFF.

  • Some Electrostatic speakers may require a modification to work with Linn Selekt Class-D amplifier. Please refer to the speaker manufacturers website for information.

  • The Selekt power amplfiers have a slightly lower gain than other Linn power amplifiers, (Majik/Akurate..). If you are going to Bi-Amp a pair of speakers then we would recommend either ALL Selekt Power amplifier cartridges or ALL Selekt Line level cartridges with external amplifiers.

  • DAC's are sold seperately and ONE DAC module MUST be fitted to the the cartridge to get audio from this cartridge.

  • Different DAC's modules can be used with each Selekt Cartridge.


  • Standard (Level-1) DAC is the standard DAC.


  • Katalyst (Level-2) DAC use the higher specification Katalyst DAC Architecture

  • Each DAC module use STEREO DAC IC/chip's. You CANNOT have a Standard and a Katalyst DAC module installed in the same Line-level, Power-amplifier or 1.1 module at the same time.

  • These Standard and Katalyst DAC modules are interchangeable in different cartridges in the same Selekt DSM. This will change the audio performance of that cartridge only.

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