LINN Majik LP12 with Majik Arm


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MAJIK LP12 Turntable with Akito arm and Cartridge

  • Sondek LP12 turntable

  • Aluminium Sub-Chassis and Laminate Armboard

  • Solid Aluminium Base Board

  • Internal Majik LP12 power supply

  • Adikt moving magnet (MM) cartridge

  • 45 rpm adaptor

  • T-Kable Phono tonearm cable

Majik Arm

  • Static-balanced tonearm design

  • One-point cross bearing arrangement

  • CNC turned aluminium and brass construction, black anodised finish

  • Bias force provided by calibrated spring mechanism

  • Die-cast headshell with 2 slot design


Majik LP12

The ideal first step into high performance vinyl playback, Majik LP12 uses carefully selected Linn-engineered components to let you experience the iconic LP12 in an affordable package.

It includes Linn’s latest sandwich-construction aluminium sub-chassis, patented single point bearing, and internal low noise power supply. Linn’s Majik tonearm and Adikt moving magnet cartridge complete the deck.

Majik Arm

A performance upgrade for the original Majik LP12 turntable with the Project 9-cc tonearm or decks with other brand tonearms, Linn’s Majik tonearm is engineered to provide a high level of precision at a more accessible price point.

A static-balanced design featuring a one-point cross bearing arrangement, the CNC turned aluminium and brass construction creates a precise and rigid tonearm.

Bias force is provided by a calibrated spring mechanism, allowing adjustment for a range of values.

A die-cast headshell with 2 slot design makes it a perfect match for Linn’s Adikt Moving Magnet cartridge, however the open design means that it’s also compatible with many different cartridges.

Majik LP12 Power Supply

The Majik LP12 Power Supply is a neat and reliable motor control solution which fits inside the Sondek LP12 supplying consistent, low-noise power.

To guarantee high quality audio performance from your turntable, this power supply filters extraneous mains noise, reducing judder in the motor for stability of speed.

As a great starting point for any LP12 set-up, the Majik LP12 Power Supply turns the platter at a constant 33.3 rpm. Speed can be changed using the optional 45 rpm adapter.

  • nternal power supply for LP12

  • Single speed: 33 rpm

  • Speed changed using separate 45 rpm adapter

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