Meridian DSP8000.2 Digital Active Loudspeaker


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DSP8000.2 Digital Active Loudspeaker


Grace Under Pressure

Designed without compromise, the DSP8000.2 cabinet features a unique construction with a dedicated bass enclosure and a separate head-assembly for the midrange and high-frequency drive units.

Utilising a multi-layer, multi-material construction technique, the DSP8000.2 pushes boundaries with the most inert cabinet Meridian has ever made. The narrow, tapered shape of the head-unit offers optimum dispersion across a wide listening area. In addition, its design emulates aspects of the human form, which psychoacoustics suggests provides a more realistic performance.

Psychoacoustics, the psychology behind how humans perceive sound, is applied throughout the design of the DSP8000.2, delivering authentically natural vocal reproduction and lifelike imaging. Deep, effortless and room-filling bass is produced without a hint of distortion by three pairs of horizontally opposed, eight-inch drivers within the bass enclosure.

Meridian’s latest DSP code ensures all audio signals, including MQA Core streams, are rendered at 88.2/96kHz regardless of the incoming sampling rate, maximising the potential of the loudspeaker’s DSP engine.

Key Features

  • Outstanding performance. Five powerful wide range 150W amplifiers deliver a maximum output level of 120dB at 1m.

  • Advanced, high-efficiency composite dome tweeter.

  • Listener controls including time-compensated balance, listening axis and Enhanced Bass alignment – enables considerable speaker placement flexibility.

  • On-board DSP provides thermal and dynamic bass protection – enables high level use for prolonged periods of time.



Meridian Speakerlink (RJ45) & S/PDIF digital input


1x RJ45 with balanced digital audio and control for 2nd loudspeaker. Carries infra-red pickup for system automation


Peak SPL: 120dB at 1m

Noise less than 15dB spl. Overall distortion typically <0.02% at any frequency or level

Frequency response In room within 3dB: 20Hz - over 20Hz (for inputs at 44.1kHz or 48kHz)


5 x 150w (750w)


200mm x 6


160mm x 1


1 x 25mm (1”) dome tweeter, silver wire, short horn-loaded


FIFO memory buffer input for the lowest possible jitter from almost any source

Four 24-bit D/A converters

Linear-phase mid–top crossover; 6th-order Linkwitz-Riley bass–mid crossover

Bass protection

All upsampling and processing is performed by a 150MHz digital signal processor (DSP)


Eight-character display with system lights, can be blanked


HEIGHT: 1350mm [53.2in] (Without feet/spikes)

WIDTH: 158mm [6.2in] tapering to 400mm [15.7in]

DEPTH 210mm [8.3in] tapering to 528mm [20.8in]

FOOTPRIMT (W x D): 400mm [15.7in] x 528mm [20.8in]

WEIGHT: 105kg [231lbs]


20VA standyby; 920VA max

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